Good old puzzles

While I’m on the subject of bad puzzles from 1995, I want to briefly share one of my favorite good puzzles from the time. Around 1995, I received a book titled 100 Perceptual Puzzles by Pierre Berloquin. It’s apparently a newer edition of an older book titled 100 Geometric Games, copyright 1976.

The book contains a wide variety of puzzles, mostly of the sort that rely on pictures, or require you to draw pictures. Many people are familiar with the puzzle where you have a 3×3 grid of dots, and you’re asked to draw four straight lines through all the points without lifting your pencil. That puzzle is not in this book, and instead it includes multiple harder versions!

Other puzzles include: mazes, spot the difference, match moving puzzles, shape counting puzzles, and knot puzzles. The knot puzzles! I will share one knot puzzle.

knot puzzle

The goal is to figure out how the ropes are linked.

In one of the Mensa Puzzles, I complained that it apparently expected me to draw lines directly onto the card. But the truth is, I could have transcribed the puzzle to my own paper and solved it that way. You know, if I thought it would be worth my time.

But I would willingly spend my time on 100 perceptual puzzles, copying the rope over to my own paper many times, as I diagrammatically unknotted it step by step. These puzzles had me independently reinvent the Reidemeister Moves, mentally sliding ropes across one another until it was simplified to a basic form.

I adored these puzzles so much, that I went on to make one myself.  And then I put it on the banner of my blog.


  1. bubble says

    this article got me curious about the book.
    Pierre Berloquin also published a puzzle book related to my beloved Sherlock Holmes.
    so I just ordered both puzzle books, and now I have enough puzzle games to play with. 🙂


    I’m especially proud of my Holmes picture puzzles that should be called “pattern busters” for they play with hidden pattern logics.

  3. says

    @Pierre Berloquin,
    Assuming that you are who you say you are, I’m glad you saw this!

    When I received this book I must have been in grade school. Naturally back then I didn’t think about the author at all. But now I see that there are many other books! Maybe at some point I will check them out.

  4. bubble says

    Surprise, the author showed up!
    I will try to solve the puzzles, then pass the books to my niece(6 yrs old), she will enjoy it 🙂

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