Asexuality on Breitbart

I’m going to make this short, because it’s Breitbart, there’s hardly any point.  I’m only talking about it because a friend was quoted in it.

Recently, Breitbart posted an article titled “Asexual” is a Hot New Sexual Identity In the San Francisco Bay Area.  Rather than doing their own journalism, they basically copy content from Mercury News, and add insinuations that asexuality is a ridiculous trend that is confined only to recent times, and to the San Francisco Bay Area.

They also spoke to an “expert” from Israel, the author of The Truth: A Pathway to the Subconscious.  She says:

My research shows that every person is divided into five different levels of being; the mental body, the feelings body, the emotional body, the spiritual body, and the sexual body. […] The people who define themselves as asexual, most of them are activated from a conditioning that says ‘sexuality equals delete’.

At first it looked like Breitbart quoted an “expert” to invalidate asexuality, but on second glance I believe they were trying to find someone ridiculous to “support” asexuality, in order to make asexuality look ridiculous.  But nobody in the ace community would take this woman seriously, and we can all see that it was Breitbart who thought she was worth talking to.

Breitbart also wrote about asexuality last year.  What?  I don’t follow Breitbart, I get Google alerts, okay?


  1. says

    I was also curious about why they interviewed such a wacko self-help guru, so I looked into it and it’s even wilder than either of the possibilities you thought of. Turns out the author of the Breitbart article, Adelle Nazarian, has been a big follower of Arian Lev (who I am pretty sure is she/her) for years – Nazarian appears to be featured on Lev’s website, and has a video on youtube where she talks about how the Arian Lev method of unlocking the subconscious can cure blindness and cancer:

    She also thinks Arian Lev is the key to peace in the middle east:

  2. says

    Thanks, I corrected the gender references.

    That’s pretty wild, because it seems like the Breitbart readership thinks Arian Lev is nuts (e.g. see this). I guess Breitbart is hiring new age cult followers now?

  3. A. Noyd says

    *looks at sex toy and porn collection*

    Hmm. I think something went wrong when I deleted my sexuality.


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