Linkspam: June 4th, 2016

Did you know that FTB is still accepting applicants?  Apply by June 16th!  This page has information about who you should contact and what information you should provide.

And now for my monthly linkspam.

When a Negative Statement Becomes a Claim – Crys talks about an argument she had about whether bisexuals exist.  She argues that the negative statement (bisexuals don’t exist) is the one with the burden of proof here.  As I said in the comments, skeptics/atheists have a tendency to deny personal experiences on the grounds that they’re not science.  But if you look at actual scientific research on sexual orientation, researchers mostly just ask people for their personal experiences.  Skeptics, you’re doing it wrong.

Identities formed by trauma are still valid – Gosh, this is a really major topic among aces, because traumatic experiences with sexual abuse are after all quite common.  Some aces feel that trauma might have caused them to be asexual, or it might have impacted their sexuality in other ways.  Some aces simply don’t know how trauma impacted them, and will never know.  Aces with trauma are put in a precarious position, where many people question the validity of their identity, and the ace community itself will gloss over their existence.

Anyway, you can read all about this in Miri Mogilevsky’s article.  There are also many personal experiences out there, but I wouldn’t link them, since privacy is a serious issue.  If this subject is of personal importance to you, you can find things in my blogroll.

Pitfalls of RP: Inappropriate Sexy – I did not know erotic roleplaying was a thing in tabletop RPGs, or that some players do it without getting consent.  Oookay, so I would just leave if that happened.  But I’m not really into roleplaying in the first place.  Nonetheless, I find Great American Satan’s series on pitfalls of RP to be interesting.

Didn’t Try Self-Love Hard Enough – Siobhan talks about some negative reactions to transitioning, in this case coming from people on the left.  Though I’m cis, I relate to this.  When objections come from the right, I can just ignore them and socialize with different people.  But when objections come from both the left and right, you just can’t predict, and it’s more than twice as exhausting.

Perspectives on Marriage, Re: The Arranged Kind – I find this kind of direct explanation of other cultural practices to be refreshing.  I feel like arranged marriages are usually only the subject of mockery, and mockery just doesn’t do it for me unless I understand what is being mocked.



  1. Emily (luvtheheaven) says

    These linkspams of yours are really making me super happy, I’m finding such great new perspectives on things and stuff I hadn’t thought to seek out on my own. Thank you so much.

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