That explains a lot

Think about it. Man created God in his own image, made Him explicitly male, and then denied Him any possibility of ever meeting a nice female of His own species.

No wonder He’s pissed.



  1. busterggi says

    That’s why Yahweh made all the other animals – to be companions for Adam. Then, when he got tired of bestiality which Yahweh approved of, he needed something a little closer so Yahweh cloned him and performed SRS on the clone so they’d have a way to tell each other apart.

    It makes perfectly biblical sense.

  2. RJW says

    I wonder what Western culture would have been like if those demented, so-called ‘Abrahamic’ religions had been confined to the ME and Greco-Roman civilisation had survived.

  3. polishsalami says

    It’s amusing that Theists use terms like “He” for the Godhead without even thinking of the repercussions of assigning a supposedly eternal, self-sustaining entity with reproductive organs.

  4. Robert, not Bob says

    Of course the god’s a he. He’s authority, and authority has to be male, doesn’t it? I once heard a guest preacher refer to god as “father and mother” and there was a big hush as the whole congregation tried to deal with the dissonance. They couldn’t condemn the statement, since official doctrine is a genderless god, but…

    Of course Christians can (sort of) get around it using Jesus, who’s definitely male.

  5. says

    Didn’t the original thunder god who morphed into Yaweh have a wife, Asherah? Sometimes marriages just don’t work out, but that’s no reason to diss every women ever. Maybe if he’s open to it a bit more, he can find some nice goddess to hang with. No pressure.

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