Oh, Hell.

Over at Evangelical Realism, this week’s post is all about William Lane Craig’s attempt to defend “The Hell with Christianity.” I think he ends up making a rather convincing argument for God being a purely imaginary deity, but see what you think, if you’re interested.


  1. freebird says

    I’m wondering (if in his book or elsewhere) if he addresses the difference between a God that says He’s good and is actually good vs a God that says he is good but is actually a tyrant?

  2. Azuma Hazuki says

    And would the good Doctor Craig care to comment on the fact that of 5 of the original 6 church centers 4 were Universalist and 1 Annihilationist? Or that of the 6 the only one that taught eternal torment was the Latinate church at Carthage and Rome? Or, perhaps, that Latin had no real way of making distinction between the concepts expressed in koine Greek as “kolasin” and “timoria?”

    No, I didn’t think so. Asshole. Someone should set him on fire and see how he likes it. I almost wish there were an afterlife so Origen and Clement of Alexandria (and Macrina for that matter) could set him straight. Or, you know, set him on fire until such time as it scares the hell out of him (haw!).

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