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Never thought I’d say it, but a report in the New York Daily News may force me to support a few Republican politicians.

ALBANY – An anti-gay marriage group is launching a billboard attack against Republican senators who voted in favor of same-sex unions.

The National Organization for Marriage plans to place billboards in the districts of four GOP state senators who broke ranks and voted to legalize gay marriage in June.

Head Bigot Brian Brown says the group is planning on spending $40,000 on the initial run of billboards, in addition to $150,000 already spent on direct mail campaigns attacking the senators and seeking their defeat in the 2012 elections.

I suppose if they succeed, it will at least simplify the process of telling the good guys from the bad guys.

PS: Check out the actual URL for that article and see if you can figure out which side the web guy(s) at might be on…


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    Yeah, I’m a yellow dog Democrat and I’m seriously considering sending a small donation to those Republicans. They deserve our support for doing the right thing.

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    … may force me to support a few Republican politicians.

    I wouldn’t let that worry me.

    Back at around 1990, I concluded that the Republican party had become unfit to govern. But I still voted for the Republican candidate for Illinois governor, in preference to voting a second term for Blagojevich. Unfortunately, Blago won anyway.

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