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Jun 26 2012

Vagina should smell like Vagina, not like Jasmine or Jackfruit

The world is getting more and more synthetic. People are becoming more and more artificial. They smile at others but they do not really smile. They ask acquaintances how they are doing, whether everything is fine, but they would not mind if those acquaintances were not doing well. More and more, words are becoming artificial, …

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Jun 15 2012

Don’t say ‘Vagina’. Vagina is a bad word, Vagina is a nasty thing! Say ‘non-penis’.


Women Reps in Michigan barred from speaking, one for “vagina” mention. Two women serving in the state House have been barred from participating in floor debates for one day. The sanction is a punishment for things they said during a debate on anti-abortion legislation. State Representatives Lisa Brown and Barb Byrum are both Democrats. Brown …

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