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Feb 07 2014

The letter.

200 authors from 30 countries wrote a letter to Russian president Vladimir Putin. Authors have condemned Russia’s anti-gay and blasphemy laws as a “chokehold” on creativity. Here is the letter: The story of modern Russia is the story of dramatic, almost seismic change. Russian voices, both literary and journalistic, have always striven to make themselves …

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Aug 04 2012

Why I am a Feminist – Physioprof

While I leave it up to others to decide whether they consider me a feminist, it is the incontrovertible evidence of institutionalized misogyny I see with my own eyes every day that convinces me oppression of women is a global human rights emergency.

Jun 21 2012

Six million children die of hunger every year


There are more than 1200 billionaires in the world. They have absolutely an insane amount of money. It is true that the number of billionaires is increasing. It is also true that six million children die of hunger every year. Every five seconds one child dies of hunger. There are more hungry people in the …

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