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Dec 12 2013

India banned love. But love must not be banned.


India celebrated Human Rights Day on December 10 and passed the verdict against Human Rights to have consensual sex next day. India re-criminalized homosexuality. Some countries love to remain backward.

Aug 04 2013

Punished for love


Hate is alright. Assault is almost alright. Rape is not so alright in some cases, but alright in many cases. Killing is alright in many cases too. For example, the state can kill in the name of capital punishment, you can kill people as much as you want during the war, you can kill a …

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Aug 01 2012

Remembering Gore Vidal, a great humanist

The Dissident Word

“…homosexuality is a constant fact of the human condition and it is not a sickness, not a sin, not a crime . . . despite the best efforts of our puritan tribe to make it all three. Homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality. Notice I use the word ‘natural,’ not normal.” -Gore Vidal, Esquire 1969 …

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