Who is worse: someone who lies or someone who is utterly unconcerned about the truth?

This question came to my mind in the most recent case where Donald Trump, trying to make the case that the media and the debates are rigged against him, said that tonight’s moderator NBC news anchor Lester Holt was a Democrat though in fact he is a registered Republican. When Trump’s manager Kellyanne Conway was asked why Trump lied about this, she replied, that Trump didn’t lie because “a lie would mean that he knew the man’s party registration” when in fact he didn’t know.
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Preach, brother Jonathan!

I have been following the reaction in the British media to the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn as the Labour Party leader and have been shocked at the way that result has been portrayed across the board. It has been described as the end of the Labour party because, according to these pundits, under Corbyn’s leadership the party will be unelectable. Mind you, this is despite the fact that Corbyn won with a huge majority, larger than before, by a vote from party members. The media pretty much said that these people had acted like idiots for not choosing the milquetoast Blairite Owen Smith.
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Jeremy Corbyn wins in a landslide

Jeremy Corbyn won a landslide victory in the election for Labour Party leader, defeating his opponent Owen Smith by a margin of 61.8% to 38.2%. This leadership contest was because of yet another effort by the Blairite neoliberal elements in the party that dominate its parliamentary membership to regain control. They passed a no-confidence motion against Corbyn following the Brexit vote.
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Seth Meyers on Trump’s ‘charity’

It is becoming increasingly clear that for a person who likes to boast so much about his wealth, Donald Trump is really cheap. He stiffs people to whom he owes money and uses his so-called charitable foundations to help himself, all the while boasting that he is a philanthropist but refusing to release his tax returns that would provide proof of his generosity.
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How can this make any sense?

People who attempt suicide are clearly having a very difficult time in their lives. The practice of extended solitary confinement has been known to create deep psychological trauma in prisoners. So how can it make sense to punish someone with solitary confinement when they try to commit suicide?

And yet Cory Doctorow tells us that this is what has happened to Chelsea Manning. Is the US military so determined to destroy her that they would go to such lengths?

Police do not have a duty to protect you

The sudden recurrence of a spate of police shootings of black people has once again raised the question of the relationship between the police and the public. The slogan of many police departments in the US consists of variations on “To Serve and Protect”. So you would think that if you were being threatened or attacked by someone and the police were called, they would be obliged to come to your defense. But I learned recently that that is not the case. The duty of the police is to protect only the public at large and that may or may not include protecting you as an individual.
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