The new untouchables

I have heard good reports of a new Frontline program that was broadcast yesterday on PBS titled The Untouchables that examines why, four years after the financial crisis, not a single Wall Street executive has been prosecuted. I have not seen it yet but plan to but since these programs are freely available online for just a limited time, I wanted to pass it on. [Read more...]

On sentence spacing and serial commas

All my life, when typing I followed a period at the end of a sentence with just a single blank space before starting the next sentence. It never crossed my mind to do otherwise. But I did occasionally notice that some people left two blank spaces instead of one and on one occasion I was told that it was I who was doing it all wrong and defying the proper convention. I simply ignored that reproof and continued being a one-space writer. [Read more...]

It just never ends

A Los Angeles archbishop has now apologized for actively plotting with other church officials to keep secret from law enforcement priests in his diocese who had sexually molested children, continuing the dreary and disgusting trend of high Catholic officials expressing remorse for the abuse that they covered up only after they get caught. [Read more...]

Reflections on Obama’s second inaugural speech

The speech delivered by president at his second inauguration said many good things. He emphasized the value of collective action, of seeing ourselves as needing to work together and not separately to achieve important goals. In fact, his repeated invocation of the phrase ‘we, the people’ was a pointed rebuke to those who want us to see ourselves as individuals, looking out for just ourselves. [Read more...]