Sketching illusions

The artist Nagai Hideyuki plays with our sense of perception by drawing figures on two flat pieces of paper that, when they are held at right angles and viewed from a certain direction, give the illusion of being 3-D constructions. [Read more...]

Et tu, General Mills?

As if the betrayal by Nabisco (and by extension its parent Kraft Foods) in creating a gay Oreo cookie was not bad enough, another food giant General Mills has come out in opposition to the proposed constitutional amendment on the November ballot in Minnesota that would ban same sex marriage, saying that such a ban would be bad for business. [Read more...]

So that’s what “blowing the Holy Spirit” means

Thomas Euteneuer, a Roman Catholic priest who was described as a ‘rock star’ in the anti-abortion movement and the president of Human Life International, reportedly one of the nation’s largest anti-abortion groups, resigned after a woman alleged that his exorcisms to rid her of her demons were actually a series of sexual molestations. The woman has now filed a lawsuit seeking $5.35 million in damages against the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, its bishop and HLI. [Read more...]

Reflections on the health care ruling and the reactions

I was occupied for most of yesterday and did not have time to follow the reactions to the news that almost every aspect of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) had been upheld by the US Supreme Court. When late at night I did catch up on the coverage, there seemed to be basically four groups of stories.

One was the predictable and favorite one of speculating about the impact this will have on the November elections. Every single issue from now until November will suffer this same fate because it enables pundits to indulge in content-free talk, their favorite kind. . [Read more...]