Apr 29 2011

It’s uncanny

A SurveyUSA poll finds that despite Obama releasing the so-called long-form birth certificate, “18% still have doubts and another 10% say the document released by the White House is a forgery.”

The total number of skeptics add up almost exactly to the famous Crazification Factor number of 27%.

And there’s more. According to the same survey “Both 27% who have seen the certificate and 27% who have not seen the certificate say the matter is still an open item for debate.” In other words, the people in the Crazification world are totally impervious to evidence.

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    Geoff Dodd

    The Crazification Factor of 27% is extremely interesting, as I did psych at uni. I believe I am in that ‘crazy’ group, because I know that the CIA is well able to create false documents that pass off as real. The long form birth certificate was brought out way too late. I’ll vote ‘crazy.’ :-)

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