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Jul 27 2013

An acupuncture poll

Every time I despair at the stupidity rampant in my own country, along comes the UK to reassure me that it is a worldwide phenomenon. Does acupuncture work?  51% Yes  49% No Jebus. Seriously?

Jul 25 2013

Obvious poll is obvious

A poll in Kentucky is asking… Should state science education standards require the teaching of evolution? Yes 60% No 36% I don’t know 3% The answer is that if you want to be prepared to attend a good university, or it you want to be an informed citizen of the world, yes, you should be …

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Jul 23 2013

Mississippi madrasas…with a poll

The reminiscences of right-wing kooks are so very different from mine. As a young child I remember very vividly reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and also morning prayer. When you talk about the “good old days” those are visions that come to my mind.  Of course those are things that have been taken away but …

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Jul 17 2013

A poll for the Irish gay folk

The Irish Constitutional Convention has decided in favor of gay marriage, but it is likely to be opened up to a referendum of the people next year. So we get a little poll, testing the waters. How will you vote on gay marriage? Against 48% In favour 44% Undecided 7% I see the problem! They …

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Jun 23 2013

Big ol’ shameless liars with a poll for Jesus


Every once in a while, someone chastises me for calling someone a liar. It’s rude, they say, and you don’t know if they’re intending to utter a mistruth, so you can’t really call them “liars”. Oh, fuck that noise. When you get patent phonies like the Christians of Evansville, you have to call it as …

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Jun 19 2013

Go frack this poll

The Ventura County Star has a poll up on hydraulic fracturing in California: How concerned are you about fracking (hydraulic fracturing) in California? I have little or no concern about it. I’m concerned about its effects on water and the environment. I’m concerned about a possible link to earthquakes. I’m concerned that overregulation of it …

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Jun 14 2013

An unconstitutional poll

A Republican legislator is trying to give religion yet another special privilege. He wants to insert a provision into a defense bill that says the federal government can ignore the first amendment when it comes to putting up monuments. “This provision creates a foundation in federal law for emblems of belief on war memorials and …

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Jun 06 2013

Shark murder, and a poll

Hey, I was only joking when I said fishing rule breakers ought to be chopped up for shark chum, but some days…this story about fisherman bragging about killing a record 1300 lb mako shark gives me second thoughts. There’s nothing praiseworthy about exterminating a top predator, especially one that doesn’t threaten your terrestrial butt at …

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Jun 01 2013

Weird, twisted anti-choice poll

It’s from Jill Stanek, so of course it’s twisted. She’s upset that people might consider Jimmy Connors, ex-tennis champ, to be a bit of a sleazebag for writing an autobiography that shames ex-girlfriend Chris Everett for getting an abortion. It seems to me that it was Everett’s private decision, and that Connors needs some greater …

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May 30 2013

Climate Change blame poll

The UK needs some help from us. One of their ministers has got some weird ideas about climate change. The chairman of the Commons Energy and Climate Change committee said he accepts the earth’s temperature is increasing but said “natural phases” may be to blame. Such a suggestion sits at odds with the scientific consensus. …

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