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Dec 12 2013

Charting the landmarks on the road to revolution


One law for them, another for us. A tragic and fatal accident leads to an obscenely rich child, Ethan Couch, going to trial. Prosecutors said the boy was driving seven of his friends in his Ford F-350 on June 15 when the car collided with a group of people on the side of the road …

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Dec 05 2013

How many has Oprah killed?

Read this excellent long form expose of James Arthur Ray, the New Age guru who had been promoted by Oprah and who then ended up scamming swarms of people and killing a few of them in a ridiculous sweat lodge ceremony. Or watch the video. Or do both! Daytime talk shows do a really good …

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Dec 04 2013

The United States is unsustainable


Sometimes, it’s the little things that just add up and fill me with rage. Like this report on bank employees. Almost a third of the country’s half-million bank tellers rely on some form of public assistance to get by, according to a report due out Wednesday. Researchers say taxpayers are doling out nearly $900 million …

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Nov 21 2013

Why would any parent do this?

You’ve just had a baby boy! You’ve brought him home from the hospital, you’re getting into that routine of late night feedings and too frequent diaper changes, and you think, “Hmmm. What this situation really needs is for someone to take a pair of scissors to this little rascal’s penis.” I don’t get it. But …

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Nov 13 2013

All rape problems solved for all time!

A revelation! Women have had a perfect way to protect themselves from rape all along, as defense attorney in a rape case explains. "All she would have had to do was to close her legs . . . it’s as simple as that," he told the jury. "Why didn’t she do that? . . . …

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Nov 06 2013

The assault always happens twice

Another day, another woman reports abuse from a skeptic leader. Pamela Gay describes the aftermath of being groped in a bar. And I hate myself for wishing this would all just go away, instead of wishing that there could be justice. But I guess I fear that justice has a price I don’t have the …

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Oct 16 2013

Slate tells women how to stop getting raped

It’s easy. Women should stop drinking alcohol. “I’m not saying a woman is responsible for being sexually victimized,” says Christopher Krebs, one of the authors of that study and others on campus sexual assault. “But when your judgment is compromised, your risk is elevated of having sexual violence perpetrated against you.” Don’t you love the …

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Oct 14 2013

Matthew Barnett, sleazebag and rapist


Matthew Barnett raped a 14 year old girl — he plied her with alcohol until she could barely stand up, and then had sex with her. He claims it was fully consensual (now where have we heard that before?) But the facts of the case are inarguable. She was 14. She was drunk. He provided …

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Sep 27 2013

Free Marissa Alexander

Marissa Alexander, the woman who fired a warning shot and got slapped with a ridiculously excessive sentence, has had that verdict overturned and the state of Florida is now considering retrying her. The Black Skeptics are making a Call to Action : read their blog for the details.

Sep 25 2013

Wincing…and applauding

Lakota and Dakota grandmothers captured the Nazi flag hanging in Leith, ND and burned it. Warriors!

Oh, man, I can’t endorse this action by Lakota and Dakota women. I think people have a right to do as they please (as long as it doesn’t harm others) on their private property — that goes for worshipping Jesus or Thor, desecrating Bibles, or even flying Nazi flags. (All bets are off if the …

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