Let’s all get disappointed in humanity

I thought everyone knew by now that the whole “bumfight” concept was repugnant and deplorable, but it seems to have gotten some new life from technology. A few sick people are harassing unhoused people with drones. See, bullying in total safety! There’s an amazing amount of cowardice behind this behavior.

The TikTok account was called “BumsnDrones,” and its previous name was “Bad2TheDrone.” Similar accounts are active on YouTube and Instagram under the same name, and a new account with the “BumsnDrones” name was active on TikTok as of Friday evening.

In two separate videos, the drone hovers above individuals for an unspecified period of time and distance and appears to provoke them by flying up and down. Other videos show individuals throwing projectiles at the unmanned aircraft system, such as rocks, water bottles and sticks.

“It’s really disappointing to see the way this individual is harassing and bullying people experiencing homelessness,” said Cathy Alderman, chief communications and public policy officer for Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. “It was difficult to watch people put in humiliating and exposed positions.”

In nearly all of the videos posted on each channel, music plays in the background, seemingly for comedic effect. Many of the individuals filmed in the videos attempt to flee the vicinity of the drone or seem agitated by its presence.

Multiple videos appear to show the operator of the drone mocking or taunting the individuals by flying close to them before bolting in another direction either vertically or horizontally when the individuals reach for it.

The drone bullies are calling these “pranks”. I’m getting tired of that word — “prank” seems to be a synonym for cruelty.

Some of these accounts have been taken down, but as the quote above mentions, they just pop up again with a new synonym. It was easy to find lots that are still active — here’s one called “abnormal humans”. I don’t think the creators realize how self-referential that name is.

One such video had 59,000 views and 226 comments, and the comments were as vile as the video. No, I’m not linking to it. Go google your own bullies!


  1. raven says

    Yeah, that is sick.
    Kicking people when they are down.
    In my area, rarely someone attacks a homeless person just because they can.

    I’m sure that this sort of drone harassment is illegal.
    There are some things that can be done though.

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    There are a lot of EM jammers that can neutralize drones.

    I doubt if these are military grade but OTOH, I’m sure the cheap civilian drones the trolls are using aren’t military grade either.

  2. Hemidactylus says

    I’ve seen a Youtube channel where a compassionate and empathetic human being goes to where the homeless are and interviews them about their life and current situation. Quite informative in showing the variety of unhoused circumstances. I saw someone I went to high school with in one such video. Definitely not “bumfights” or harassment drones.

    Meanwhile in Florida:


  3. Akira MacKenzie says

    Disappointment and utter disgust is all I feel for my species these days. So much potential, yet so much willful, stubborn, stupidity and greed.

    I now realize that there will be no bright, shining, future. No starships. No galactic civilizations full of adventure and discovery. and beautiful techno cities of metal and glass populated with good-looking, well-behaved, intelligent, cosmopolitan people. Only capitalism, religion, poverty, selfishness.

    If that is the future, then there is no point in living. Extinction would be a mercy.

  4. Reginald Selkirk says

    @1: Flying drones near people may be illegal, and if so, you should document and report.

    One thing you don’t comment on is whether electronic jamming in civilian use is legal or not. I know that cell phone jamming is illegal. Don’t fight crime with more crime.

  5. Walter Solomon says

    Easy and correct to criticize stuff like this but then we go back to forgetting about the unhoused within a few hours. I live in a area that has a lot of unhoused, addicts, prostitution, etc and it doesn’t seem much is done about it.

    I don’t know what the answer is but just letting people live on the street isn’t working. It creates sanitation problems and leaves them vulnerable to victimization.

  6. robro says

    Drones are annoying even if they aren’t harassing you. I’m not particularly noise sensitive but their buzzing sound is disturbing when I’m on a walk at the park now and then. And, I’m sure some people…like my partner…who are noise sensitive would go nuts.

    OT: Erdogan fines Trump $354 million in the civil fraud case, and he and the boys can’t run businesses in New York.

  7. robro says

    WMDKItty @ #8 — Or otherwise figure out how to accommodate them. From what I understand, some people aren’t comfortable in any housing much less the typical SRO housing (single room occupancy). We have a homeless person in our neighborhood. There’s probably housing available to her, but it’s not clear she wants to be housed in the places available to her. Some neighbors did talk her into moving from a bus shelter right on the street to a parklet a bit more off the street.

  8. birgerjohansson says

    The stereotype of unhoused all having mental problems is false, but some really have issues.
    It is very hard to establish trust with someone who have paranoia, which obviously affects the ability to provide support. The social workers and mental health professionals who work with them deserve far more pay than some goddamn Fox News hack.

  9. birgerjohansson says

    These drone operators should have to choose between several years in prison or giving one of their kidneys over for transplantation.

  10. Jim Balter says

    Erdogan fines Trump $354 million in the civil fraud case, and he and the boys can’t run businesses in New York.

    Ergodan is the authoritarian PM of Türkiye, Engoron is the Judge. $355 million, plus another $9 million for sons and Weisselberg. The limitation is only for a few years; we were hoping for a permanent ban.

  11. birgerjohansson says

    Akira MacKenzie @ 3
    We are a species of primates optimised for savannah-style environments and challenges. It is hardly surprising our brains misfire now and again.
    We need Human Nature 2.0, with GM making the capacity for empathy stronger.

  12. Hemidactylus says

    WMDKitty — Survivor @8
    An episode called Adam Ruins Housing, Conover pointed to the obvious solution to homelessness…wait for it…housing. An address helps with jobs. Living in a house is a boon for well being…healthcare. Might save money to house people, but NOOO!!!

  13. Jim Balter says

    Engoron is the Judge. $355 million, plus another $9 million for sons and Weisselberg.

    Just listened to Michael Cohen (who had him ending up being a hero on their bingo card when this all started) explaining to Ben Meiselas that it’s actually a lot more because of NY’s 9% interest

  14. StevoR says

    Let’s all get disappointed in humanity

    Let’s not please.

    There’s a lot of good people in the world. If only they had more say and power over how things go.

    Then tho’ there are the douchecanoes who pullthis typer of bullying nasty shit. The worst of us.

  15. Stuart Smith says

    Might actually be worse than bum fights, in that at least with those the homeless person was an active and willing participant. I mean yeah, for money, because they needed it to survive, but that’s also why I do my job. This is just taking advantage, the people involved have no choice, and don’t get paid for their involvement. Just monetized harassment.

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