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Jul 12 2014

The humanists of Uganda are in desperate need of your help!

The organization has been gutted by a robbery. “We woke up today to the sad news that our offices had been broken into and lots of property and cash taken. The first people to reach the office found [the building security guard] unconscious lying at the upper/ behind part of the building. Our offices were …

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Jun 23 2014

Sometimes, atheism costs

You know, atheists don’t do a good job of providing that essential social safety net, and the American ‘I got mine’ philosophy means the government often does a poor job, too. We just have to try and cobble together an ad hoc safety net. Here’s a case in point: a person who joined a church, …

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May 24 2014

Almost there!

Chris Johnson, who made that lovely coffee table book about atheists called A Better Life: Joy & Meaning in a World Without God, is now planning to turn it into a documentary. He’s running a kickstarter fundraiser forA Better Life: The Film. I’ve read the book. It won’t have any atheists threatening to convert anyone, …

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May 21 2014

Help a Morris student do good in the world

One of our students is trying to get to Costa Rica to do medical volunteer work — only this stuff costs money. She’s set up a donation page, and this is what she plans to do. I have the opportunity to participate in a life changing volunteer experience in San Jose, Costa Rica with my …

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May 14 2014

How can you not help three little kids?


A fellow atheist, Angelina, was recently murdered, leaving behind three children: Greta Christina has the story. Somebody is still looking forward to the future of those kids, though, and has set up a fundraiser so they can go to college someday. Chip in if you can.

Apr 14 2014

Not another lawsuit!

Yet another case of a litigation happy bozo harassing one of our own. This time, it’s a narcissistic neo-Nazi suing Ed Brayton. Isn’t this fun? If you’re able to help at all, he has a fundraiser in place. This is yet another silly suit, so it’s going to be open-and-shut, but it’s still a pain …

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Mar 27 2014

Karen Stollznow needs your help

Karen Stollznow has started a defense fund to help her fight off the legal harassment she faces right now. Time to donate! My name is Karen Stollznow. I am an author and researcher with a PhD in Linguistics. In recent months, I wrote an article for a Scientific American Mind blog in which I spoke …

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Feb 21 2014

Catherine Deveny wants your money

She’s an Australian comedian and aggressive atheist, and she’s putting together a short film that tells you everything you need to know about atheism in 20 minutes (what? shoulda aimed for a feature film trilogy). To do that, she’s asking her fans to kick in a few dollars. She’s a good one, it’ll be worth …

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Jan 31 2014

How Mormons deal with poverty

It’s very Republican. Uintah Elementary School had a bunch of deadbeat kids who weren’t paying their lunch money, so something must be done. And it must be done in the worst, most callous and insensitive way. So they snatched the lunches away from kids after serving them. Jason Olsen, a Salt Lake City District spokesman, …

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Nov 04 2013

I support Movember

You go, guys, but…what can I do to support a charity fundraiser for men’s health issues when the gimmick is to grow a moustache? It’s not as if I can grow a second one. I guess all I can do is urge all of you poor barefaced men to join Movember, and let your face …

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