Not another lawsuit!

Yet another case of a litigation happy bozo harassing one of our own. This time, it’s a narcissistic neo-Nazi suing Ed Brayton.

Isn’t this fun?

If you’re able to help at all, he has a fundraiser in place. This is yet another silly suit, so it’s going to be open-and-shut, but it’s still a pain in the butt.


  1. raven says

    it’s a narcissistic neo-Nazi suing Ed Brayton.

    Isn’t this fun?

    Not for some people. I’m sure most have seen the news about a neo-Nazis KKK guy who shot 3 people dead at two Jewish community centers in Kansas.

    OPPD: 3 dead after shootings at Jewish Community Center …
    www. kshb. com/…kansas/overland…/multiple-shootings-reported-at-the-j…‎

    1 day ago – Multiple shootings” have been reported at the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park, according to the Johnson Co. Med-Act. … Kansas City’s breaking news leader is proud to introduce new features and a fresh…

    Ed Brayton probably doesn’t have too much too worry about. White supremacists usually disprove their case simply by existing. They aren’t too bright or competent.

    The KKK guy in Kansas killed 3 people, all of whom were Xians!!! What an idiot.

    Same thing happened on the coast last year. A pair of white supremacists set out on a killing spree to “kill Jews.” They killed 4 people. None of which were…Jewish. One was a born again wannabe xian missionary.

    FWIW, I’m in for a few bucks. I need FTB’s and Ed Brayton way more than a few bucks.

    Price of defense donation = a few bucks
    Holding back the New Dark Age = Priceless

  2. PatrickG says

    Be careful PZ, all these defense fund posts make me think you’re just blogging to make your trial lawyer friends rich. Clearly you’re finally cashing in on your page clicks! Professional victims!!!

    … now off to donate a few bucks. :)

  3. permanganater says

    I hope Ed spends the dosh (at least initially) on getting advice (if his funds will stretch to that) on whether (purely as a matter of law) he did defame the alleged White Supremacist. I say this because he mentions getting preliminary advice on what he can and can’t say about the matter (presumably, to The Internet).

    Regardless of how outraged we are at the existence of allegation, Ed will make the smartest moves as a product of knowing his legal position as opposed to his moral one.

    Once he has that advice then he should put out the facts and seek contributions to either to defend or settle. I would make a decision whether or not and how much to contribute at that stage.

    I worry. If The Internet sets about funding the (prosecution or) defense of civil lawsuits, claims and counter-claims – irrespective of their legal merits or defensibility – but because they back their side irrespective of facts, law and evidence, that’s not taking us to a good (let alone legally rational) place.

    Having said all that, if the White Supremacist is a White Supremacist then, Ed, truth is still a defence to defo (in ‘Merka), so I reckon you’re pretty safe.

  4. Lofty says


    “our”, Kemosabe?

    one of the group of FTB bloggers, I’m sure you don’t really need this spelled out for you…

  5. raven says

    one of the group of FTB bloggers, I’m sure you don’t really need this spelled out for you…

    Ed Brayton is one of the founders of Freethoughtblogs along with PZ Myers.

    If it wasn’t for Ed, there wouldn’t have been a FTB’s.

  6. says

    Chas, are you even capable of making a comment that is not sniping and smarmy any longer? You are a smart person, but one does not have to be that intelligent to put the pieces together and figure out what “our” means in this context.