Jan 24 2013

Help out a fellow blogger

If you’re feeling generous, you might send a few bucks Avicenna’s way — he’s an impoverished blogger whose laptop just died. What good is a blogger who can’t blog? He’d have to just do that doctorin’ stuff for a living.

[Revised at the request of one of the subjects.]


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  1. 1

    Done. I wish it could have been more, but I’m down to counting pennies right now. Hopefully, it will all add up.

  2. 2
    Goodbye Enemy Janine

    PZ, the only reason why you are asking for donations for Natalie Reed is because the banned troll, squiller, called you on it.

    (Snark, just in case you do not know.)

  3. 3

    done. i really appreciate the insight and perspective …. to be honest, i did have to pull up a currency converter. well, i don’t know the current state of the dollar! and then on the NEXT page, it converted for me. that order of operations doesn’t seem quite. right. :-)

  4. 4
    PZ Myers

    I had to revise the original article, because in a supremely ironic state of affairs, people are now afraid to ask for help because the kind of assholes who “call me on it” are guaranteed to start ranting about “priorities” and how there’s always someone lower on their self-defined hierarchy of helplessness who needs help more.

    You’ve seen the arguments. “How dare X ask for help when Y has it worse!” and then, if Y speaks up, “How dare Y ask for help when Z has it worse!” We’re in a constant race to find the most horribly oppressed person in the universe, and anyone who is even the slightest better off in any aspect of their life is going to be shrieked at.

    And meanwhile, the shriekers aren’t even going to help Z.

  5. 5

    Well, I’m glad I got a little in before the revision. I can’t help out Avicenna, I don’t have enough to fund replacing my own recently dead laptop.

    It’s infuriating that these howling toads have caused so much damage to people.

  6. 6

    [That's 15 Reap Paden pseudonyms so far, and I've lost track of how many posts I've deleted. --pzm]

  7. 7
    Chris Clarke

    I am now collecting cash to send Reap Paden to paragraph break school.

  8. 8

    Caine, you ever feel like a chump cause you back PZ up and then it turns out he is wrong out of pure stupidity?

    Cupcake, it would be so nice if you had the ability to comprehend words. I know, so difficult for you. I didn’t donate towards Avicenna, I kicked a bit of money in a different direction. Given that inability to comprehend you have going, I imagine you missed the bit about the post being edited. Tsk.

  9. 9


    I am now collecting cash to send Reap Paden to paragraph break school.

    Fuck paragraph break school, let’s get him to Words, how do they fucking work!? school.

  10. 10
    Anthony K

    Rarely is the question asked: Are our Paden learning?

  11. 11

    While we’re about it, do you think we can get Avicenna to use the apostrophe correctly? He’s the worst offender of FtB!

  12. 12


    While we’re about it, do you think we can get Avicenna to use the apostrophe correctly? He’s the worst offender of FtB!

    Why don’t you go to his blog and take that issue on?

  13. 13
    Hekuni Cat, MQG

    Why don’t you go to his blog and take that issue on?

  14. 14

    I donated a few bucks because I like Avicenna’s writing and want to read more. The Padens of the world can get fucked for being total shits, no worries for me.

  15. 15

    Donated. Love the topics that he deals with, and the passion in his writing.

    I hope he buys some of these.

  16. 16

    Has Greta chucked in some coin from the overflow? She wrote a blog about Avicenna and his need for new equipment. Asking fellow readers to donate what they can.
    It would be nice if she donated some pennies herself, showing some initiative.

    So interesting, how you didn’t inquire as to whether or not PZ donated some pennies. But, ya know, Greta went and bought those darned shoes, so…


  17. 17

    Dude, policing other peoples’ money and demanding they give you an accounting of their spending is rude. Stop being an ass.

  18. 18
    John Morales


    scoopdotorg, your malevolence is clear.

    (It is painfully obvious your only purpose in commenting here is to impugn Greta)

  19. 19

    My question did not make reference to PZ donating or not.

    No kidding. That would be why I noted you didn’t ask PZ if he donated. If your so-called concern was that those who blogged to request their readers donated to Avicenna also donated, you neglected to ask PZ. It’s was more than obvious your only concern was to take an underhanded jab at Greta.

    Please stop with the deflection tactics okay?

    Cupcake, I’m not the one playing a slimy game. That would be you. You’re transparent as glass.

    Also, at no point did i make any mention to something Greta Christina bought.

    No, you were quite careful to avoid an outright statement. You simply implied, with every word, that she should most certainly pony up money to donate, because she had all that money veritably slopping about from people donating to her. Again, you’re as transparent as glass and the view is quite ugly.

    Take it easy Caine.

    I’m not worked up, Sweetpea. I just don’t like slimy, manipulative, lying assclams. So take a pill yourself. Preferably one that would instill some decency in you.

  20. 20

    “What good is a blogger who can’t blog?”

    One fewer blogger? Is this a trick question?

    (Just kidding!)

  21. 21

    It is really difficult to follow the comments here. It appears as though people are responding to invisible entities. Are there ghosts or deities posting in a mystical forum I’m not privy to?

  22. 22


    They were talking to the ghosts of deceased sockpuppets.

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