Jun 23 2012

Smart move

I’m going to be participating in yet another conference in April, at the University of Minnesota. In a very smart move to distinguish themselves from all the rest, though, they’ve got a very specific theme: it’s SkepTech, and it’s going to be about the role of technology in disseminating information about atheism and skepticism.

You’ve now got plenty of lead time. Start planning your trip to Minneapolis now.


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  1. 1

    Are you a robot — or do you think for yourself?
    Why the false dichotomy?

  2. 2

    But, but… is Radford invited? ;)

  3. 3

    Why do all of these conferences have to be in silly places? Why not somewhere sensible, like south-west England? Like Bath for instance. (Preferably in the Widcombe area, so I don’t have to walk far.)

  4. 4
    Mobius 118

    Well that’s just up the road from here. Let’s hope our road system is getting gouged out next spring.

  5. 5

    The only thing tech is skeptical of is water.

  6. 6

    We are pretty much planning the best conference ever, just so you all know. Thanks for the bump PZ!

    Right now we are really diving into the planning stage and we are looking for all the suggestions and recommendations we can get. So if any of you have ideas for how to make things as awesome as they can possibly be I would love to hear them.

  7. 7

    The internet.. where religions come to die.

  8. 8

    Is it thawed out by then? Will the average temps be at least above 50F?

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