Nov 01 2011

Help Hank Fox

He’s strapped, his father is dying, and he needs donations to cover one last visit. If you can, help him out. If you can’t, at least read his blog! The pennies will eventually trickle down and give him some assistance.


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  1. 1

    Done. I don’t know Hank, but I like his writing.

  2. 2
    Ray Moscow

    Hank’s a good guy. OK, I only know him over the net, and we live in different countries, but I think of him as the kind of person I’d drive a long ways just to have some coffee with.

    I hope he gets to make the trip to see his dad.

  3. 3
    Ray Moscow

    Hank says that he has enough now. Well done, guys!


  4. 4

    Now that we can stop sending Hank money, how about petitioning to have the Jesus statue removed from Big Mountain? I got the action alert today from FFRF. I registered at whitehouse.gov, and signed the petition earlier today.

  5. 5

    Where I come from “strapped” means wealthy, but I get the gist,and I like Hank, so I’ll donate to the poor fellow.

  6. 6

    A3Kr0n, I thought that was a done deal ( http://freethoughtblogs.com/cuttlefish/2011/10/21/858/ ). Looks like maybe I spoke too soon–perhaps the petition also brought out the pro-statue (pro-jesus) folks, too: http://www.themoralliberal.com/2011/10/31/in-5-hours-jesus-statue-support-eclipses-atheist-group’s-membership/

  7. 7
    Hank Fox


    Thank you so much for linking to my “Appeal” post. I had to add a followup “Everybody Stop Sending Money” message just within a few hours!

    I am very, VERY grateful to Pharyngula readers and the FTB community.

    I’m also happy that I’ll be able to relate the story in detail someday soon, pointing out that this generosity came not from the faith community, but from freethinkers, agnostics, secular humanists, and atheists.

    Thank you all again!

    BTW: The hospital says the Old Ranger is stable. I’m flying out early AM. I’ll keep you posted on the rest when I can.

  8. 8

    Cuttlefish #6 – The first I heard of it was the action alert I got today. I thought it was strange the petition was on the whitehouse.gov site, too.
    Only 23,536 signatures to go by Nov. 27th! 1,463 have signed so far…
    Thanks for the links. It’s amazing how much anger people have toward the FFRF where I live, and I’m only 40 minutes South of Madison, WI. home of the FFRF.
    Sorry Hank, I’m not ignoring you. I’m very glad people were able to help you out. I read about it too late.

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    Janine Is Still An Asshole, OM,

    What! Is! That!

  11. 11

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