Birthday Wishlist

Well, tomorrow I’m turning the ripe old age of twenty-eight years old, successfully having survived the dreaded year-of-rock-and-roll-death, and a few readers have lately been poking a bit into the question of what an amazing wonderful elderly spinster like me would want for her birthday. While obviously treating the question as anything other than rhetorical would be silly, I thought it might be fun to do some daydreaming and take a little stroll around the web to point out some of the awesome, must-have items for every discerning skeptical transsexual ex-junkie feminist atheist. I’m sure my readers have MANY such people in their lives they may need to shop for, so why not provide a little guide?

- Take Me There: Trans And Genderqueer Erotica

This is, as is pretty self-explanatory, a collection of trans-themed erotica. But what takes it there from interesting to fucking amazing-looking is the collection of brilliant trans writers featured in it, such as Kate Borstein, Patrick Califia, Tobi Hill-Meyer, Julia Serano, Rachel K. Zall and S. Bear Bergman. Trans erotica, by trans people, for trans people? WANT!

- Powered By Estrogen T-Shirt

Because I am.

Well… powered by estrogen, nicotine, methadone, caffeine and spite, to be more precise.

- Poison Statue

Everyone’s favourite transgender video game icon: salvaged into being an image of femme trans woman strength and power from originally being described as trans only due to a weird confluence of misogyny, transphobia and Reagan-era censorship laws, she represents, to me, the amazing power of our community to construct our pride even from reclaimed scraps of our oppression.

- ALL ELEVEN DOCTORS action figure set


Even Eight! Eight is almost impossible to find! So much wanting, so very much…

- Luna, by Julie Anne Peters

A brilliant young adult novel centered on transgender themes that gets all kinds of wonderful reviews and is deeply cherished by a lot of trans women I know.

- Almost Perfect, by Brian Katcher

A brilliant young adult novel centered on transgender themes that gets all kinds of wonderful reviews and is deeply cherished by a lot of trans women I know.

- “I’m Out of Estrogen… I Have A Gun” pill box

Oh hell yes. The only trouble is that the point of a pillbox is technically to prevent you from not having your estrogen.

- Tokidoki Unicorns!

The next best thing to My Little Pony (of which I already have a rather substantial collection). These come in little “blind boxes”, so you never know exactly which unicorn you’re going to get. So cute! Tokidoki are a truly wonderful toy company. Check out their other stuff too.

- Birdo Plush Doll

The other great trans icon of video games, also rescued from being an act of trans-misogyny and ridicule. And this one is cuddlier. And doesn’t cost almost as much money as a session of laser or electrolysis.

- Mexican Brown-Tailed Bat Plush

I don’t think I really need to explain why I’d love this. Look at it. Just look!!!

Seriously, I really really love bats.

- Estradiol Jewelry

I mentioned these once before, but seriously, I ADORE these and I’d be ordering them immediately if I had a credit card or paypal or something. Science + Estrogen + Jewelry… three of my favourite things, together at last!

- Octopus Earrings

I may not love these as much as the estradiol molecules, but seriously, these are awesome. I would never run out of compliments on them, I’m sure.

- “It’s A Trap!” Surlyramic necklace

I have weird feelings about the whole “trap” thing. It’s a word I desperately want to reclaim, given its playfulness and origins in geek culture, but the associations with the “deception” / “really men” / “extra gay” memes are really strong is, as is the shadow of murders committed on the basis of such “deception”. However, the idea of proudly declaring myself to be exactly what I’m supposed to be ashamed of through a Surly is just far too tempting an idea to pass up. Wear my status loud and proud.

- Joan Jett Ladies Of The Eighties Barbie

It’s a Joan Jett Barbie doll.


Joan Fucking Jett.

I’m sorry, did I just totally annihilate your consciousness with amazingness?

ORRRRR… if we were to ditch the whole wild fun completely impractical daydreaming thing, and if you were actually wondering what you could actually do for my birthday, and are cursing my lack of a tip jar (still trying to get that sorted, I’m afraid), there is one idea I had.

How about donating to the Vancouver Trans Youth Drop-In in my name? The TYDI is a terrific program. It gives trans youth (25 and under) a place where they can simply come and hang out on Friday nights, in a safe, warm, accepting, understanding environment, meet other trans folks, eat some food and maybe draw some pictures or watch a movie or play video games and also talk about things they may not be able or comfortable enough to discuss with family or their cis friends and stuff. They can feel a little less alone, see positive trans role models, make friends, and leave with the sense that there are people and structures available to offer them support.. and that there are people who do understand, and do care about them and want them to be happy as who they are.

Out of all the various trans non-profits and charities in Vancouver, it is the one I most wholeheartedly support and believe in. Money goes towards things like food, activities, bus tickets and things for the kids if they need them, things like maybe getting a float in the Pride parade, and an annual summer camping trip (one of which was my first ever three days being full-time, and an extremely significant and beautiful moment in my transition).

I’d be immensely proud to be able to get them a little extra money. You can just go ahead and e-mail them at transyouthdropin (at) yahoo (dot) ca (the director, Fin, will probably be who you’ll talk to), and ask for details as to how you could make a donation (like who to make a check out to, and where to send it). And feel free to mention why. ;)