Why Atheism?

Why Atheism?  You want the simple answer, or the details?

The simple answer is, of all the religions I have seen thus far, mine is “none of the above”.  I am not Catholic, nor Orthodox, nor Lutheran, nor Baptist, Calvanist, Methodist, Quaker, Episcopalian, Pentecostal, nor Unitarian.  I am not Sunni, Shia, or Sufi.  I am not Orthodox Jew, nor Reform, nor Conservative nor Reconstructionist.  I am not a member or believer of any of the thousands of religions past or present.  Not being a member of any, I am an atheist.

Do I actively deny god?  Um… which one?  It’s not my job to actively deny a god; it’s the believers’ job to promote him/her/it/them.

What do I believe in?   Well, quite a bit, actually–just none of it has anything to do with religion.

The more complex answer?

I remember being a non-believer as a child. I doubt that I would remember not believing something, except that my parents were actively looking for a church, and brought us kids to each prospect (or, in the case of the Mormons, they came to us).  None of the churches became “ours”, and we eventually moved from that town without ever regularly attending any regular religious services.  At our new home, we joined a church my parents chose mostly for political reasons (local politics, that is; my father had to maintain a certain standard).  At first, I resisted going to this church; I would do my best to hide on Sunday mornings.

Then, one Sunday, I had a religious experience.  I became, willingly and eagerly, a born-again christian.  This lasted for years.  I did not see it as conflicting with science or with critical thinking; I firmly believed that anyone who followed the evidence would accept Christianity, just as anyone following the evidence would accept, say, evolution.

Eventually, I found better explanations for every “Goddidit”.  Including the overwhelming feelings I had had in my “religious experience.”  I no longer believed in that particular god, and had no need to search for another to take its place.  I am not bitter, I am not an atheist out of hatred for god, I am not missing some important something in my heart.  I simply do not, and cannot, believe, in part because I know more about religion (my former religion and many, many more than I was aware of when I was religious).


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    Kate Jones

    Dear Cuttlefish, yours is that rarest of reading matters: total intellectual and linguistic pleasure. I’m spreading your link around at every opportunity. It occurs to me that you should get 18 minutes on TED to spread your ideas. Of course, to protect your shy anonymity, you would give the talk in a full-length cuttlefish costume.

    I first heard about you from a friend, a great admirer of your output. I am requesting notification by email so as not to miss any new posts.

    Thank you for your contributions to human enlightenment and civilization. Do you accept donations by PayPal?

    – Kate Jones (alias Meme Hunter)

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    It sounds like you have a higher opinion of me than… well… me.

    Somewhere down there on the left is a paypal link. Or you could choose to donate to FreethoughtBLogs as an entity–that link is also down there somewhere on the left.


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    Aquarians Love To Cuddle

    “……..What do I believe in? Well, quite a bit, actually…….”

    Well I can surmise at least one thing in which you do not believe, the prohibition against terminating a sentence or sentence fragment in a preposition. Ending a sentence in a preposition is something up with which Sir Winston Churchill and I will not put!
    Nyuck, nyuck.
    Actually, this prohibition has no true linguistic basis in English. It came about during the Victorian era in Engerland when the pompous gits fancied themselves, their language and their Empire, as direct lineal descendents of the Greeks, through the cultural conduit of Rome, of course. In Latin, one does not finish a sentence in a preposition, therefore, The Queen’s adopted the same restriction. Of course, The Queen’s is not a Romance language, but has its antecedence in the Germanic tongue. Those swarthy Squareheads have no trouble with finishing a sentence rife with filthy German – shovelled in as Mark Twain would say – in a preposition.

    Meh! I’m neither of those.
    Atheists, Theists and Agnostics all harbour a position on the existence of a deity(ies) – and they care deeply about this position and will defend it ad absurdum
    Me? I just don’t care if there is or isn’t a divine being or beings. I just don’t (expletive redacted) care!
    What would I be called?

    And your incomplete list of which religions you are not seems restricted to the “Peoples of the Book” (wherein you forgot Zoroastrians). What of Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Shinto, Animist, Confucian, and myriad others. Ifin’ youse is gonna list indoctrinational constructs, yins should endeavour to include a sampling from all the groups. Innit?

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