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Sep 25 2013

The Unintentionally Worst Thing Heard About Grand Theft Auto V

So I was listening to NPR. On NHPR’s “Word of Mouth”, a discussion of Grand Theft Auto… let’s see… it was The Bankable Legacy Of Grand Theft Auto; audio is available at the link. There was discussion of the economics, of the controversy, of misrepresentation of an adult game as a bad children’s game… honestly, …

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Sep 17 2013


The billboard, up just down the block Has left us in a state of shock: Its “shocking” message? Here’s the gist: Atheists… exist. Not much of a story here–the fun part is behind the scenes. An Austin TV station’s website has their story of one of the local atheist billboards. It’s a nice enough story–the …

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Sep 14 2013

Hey Rachel, Let’s Make A Deal

See, it’s not the proper mainstream It’s the loonies at the fringe; I can listen to the former But the latter make me cringe As it’s painful to the both of us, A wound we ought to heal, I’m proposing a solution— Yes, I want to make a deal. Professors of biology Who go to …

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Sep 08 2013

Respect vs Seduction

So, Ophelia writes of an embarrassingly horrible bit of “advice” from askmen.com, which I really had a hard time believing was not satire–honestly, I kept scrolling to the bottom of the page, expecting then to write a deconstruction, a “can you believe anyone would suggest this?” addendum to the column. It was as if the …

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Sep 06 2013

Fox News’s “The Five” Debate (ha!) The Pledge Lawsuit

I know, in this country, we’re free to praise God And we’re free to ignore those who don’t We’d be free to spread some of this freedom around But we’re also free not to… and won’t. Some people might claim that we’re doing it wrong— Why they’d say that, I cannot conceive— Those people have …

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Aug 22 2013

The Pronoun Game

The media say Bradley Manning, today Has decided he’s making a change He’s making a stand With his latest demand But reactions have been a bit… strange. Cos as far as I see, It’s all “Bradley” and “he” Like the networks are sharing one plan But it’s Chelsea, you see, (And the pronoun is “she”) …

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Aug 08 2013

Feelings And Actions

He felt he was in love again—so many years had passed And every time he saw her face, his heart would beat so fast It happened out in public—you could see it all along But surely, it was out of love, and could not, thus, be wrong He never hid his feelings—he was sure to …

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May 23 2013

Beck: Blitzer Was Set Up

The forces of spiritual darkness are strong, As they plot, and they plan, and they scheme, In support of the atheists’ ultimate plan To destroy the American Dream The atheists’ plan is: Pretend to be nice, While the world goes to Hell (or to heck) And they probably would have been able this time If …

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Apr 08 2013

Science, Science, Science, Science, Penis Size, Science, Etc….

The papers were released online— They numbered sixty-six— So, how to make one paper shine? The writers have their tricks. A catchy title sure is fine To pluck you from the mix A subject could be quite divine, But leave you in a fix…. See, that one wrote of saving wine, But this one wrote …

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Mar 30 2013

Writing For The New York Times Isn’t Rocket Science

He made a mean lasagna And was quite a dad indeed, But what really made him stand apart Was how he wrote a lede— Now, there’s some that lede with puzzles, And there’s me, that ledes with rhymes But cheap clichés won’t work At the respected New York Times His devotion to his family Was …

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