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Feb 26 2014

Arguing Atheism At NPR

I have class coming up soon, so not much time to write, but I wanted to alert you to a story on NPR about the San Diego Coalition of Reason’s atheism booth. As always, the comment section is where the fun is. Even among NPR listeners (so, trust me, it is worlds better than the …

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Feb 25 2014

Arguing God In The New York Times

We can’t disprove a God, you know, Cos God can’t be defined. The God you claim cannot exist Exists within my mind My God cannot be fathomed, and Will never be undone Each heart perceives Him differently But God is only One. We disagree on details, like His numbers, or His name, But clearly, all …

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Feb 22 2014

“The Church Of Self-Worship” (or, “are you faster than a unicorn?”)

You don’t believe in gods or demons, Spirits, souls, or elves— You’ve got to worship something, So it has to be… your selves! You don’t believe in hell or heaven, So I’ve heard you say You say my God is make-believe— To whom, then, do you pray? You look to find life’s meaning With no …

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Feb 13 2014

Sixty Years Under God

I don’t know how I missed this–Monday was a big anniversary: Feb. 10, 2014 was the 60th anniversary of the original congressional move in 1954 that added “under God” to the official Pledge of Allegiance, and state lawmakers all over the country have introduced resolutions to mark that unfortunate moment in American history. Given that …

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Feb 11 2014

Did You Ever Consider The Possibility That Maybe God Is A Parasitic Worm?

There’s a little kid, infested with a parasitic worm His extremities are swollen and in pain But this doesn’t pose a problem, or disprove a loving God As philosopher Plantinga will explain: See, God created Eden, which his favorite—Man—beheld, But of course, the fruit of knowledge, He forbids It was absolutely perfect, but humanity rebelled …

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Feb 10 2014

Random Thoughts On Alvin Plantinga’s Rambling Thoughts

So… there’s an interview with Alvin Plantinga on the New York Times’ “Opinionator Blog”. It’s… horrific. Embarrassing. Such a national platform for arguments from ignorance, false dichotomies, and special pleading. Really, it’s astonishing. The questions, by Gary Gutting, are reasonable, and are followed up nicely; if anything, Gutting is not brutal enough, perhaps feeling a …

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Feb 08 2014

Atheism In Virginia

The Telegraph (UK) has a really nice report on the state of atheism in the state of Virginia–including contrasting reports of Virginia Tech and Liberty University. The very real concerns of atheists in Virginia make me sad for them, but very happy I am in a considerably less religious state. Attached to the story is …

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Feb 02 2014

The Templeton Foundation’s Big Bad (Really Bad) Questions

If you’re listening to the voices— Those that no one else can hear, Just a disembodied speaker When no mortal soul is near— If you’re listening to the voices And you think they’re in your head, There’s a Ph.D. with Templeton Who thinks it’s God, instead. If you’re listening to the voices And you know …

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Jan 26 2014

Yet Another Case Of Ignorance = God

Science looks for laws by which The real world is constrained But, gee willikers—free will occurs, Which physics can’t explain! So… physics must be incomplete; A reasonable conclusion— Of course, there is another one: Free will is an illusion. A writer over at The Daily Paul (don’t laugh!–their motto is “Peace, Gold, Love”) demonstrates the …

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Jan 25 2014

I Need Some Advice…

For an upcoming funeral. The deceased was a Christmas-and-Easter churchgoer; most (a slim majority) of the extended family are atheist, with a mix of religions (mostly various Protestant Christian) a strong minority. And one daughter, Catholic, who wants to sing The Lord’s Prayer at the memorial. The question I was asked, and which I am …

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