Monthly Archive: April 2010

Apr 11 2010

Everything Is Upside Down, Down Under

When life gives you lemons, the old-timers warn,And everything starts to look sour,Just make lemonade! This is no time to mourn,But a time to start “Church Happy Hour”!From ten to eleven, on Saturday night,Half off blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ,Come knock off a chalice of red or of white,While the sacrament’s reasonably priced!There are …

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Apr 10 2010

Creationists? What Creationists?

The NSF found a solutionTo a culture that shuns evolution:We think it is bestThat the national testMake a critical, small substitution— Since creationists find it offensiveWe are more than a bit apprehensive—So we think, if you please,It is best to appease(Besides, lawsuits get rather expensive!) Sure, it may be the coward’s way outBut religion, it …

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Apr 08 2010

You Are What You Eat

Bacteria are living, by the trillions, in your gut;There’s an ecosystem hidden in your skinIt’s a case of symbiosis, if an icky one, somewhat,Where both human and bacteria can win. They help us with digestion (as they mostly help themselves)Through their enzymatic breakdown of our food.For the source of these bacteria, some current research delves,And …

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Apr 04 2010

Easter At Beaverdale Park

It’s the Easter egg hunt down at Beaverdale ParkWith activities scheduled from dawn until dark–Would you like to join in on the fun? On your mark,Set, and go!To and fro!And explosion of children cascades on the lawnThey are searching for eggs, hither, thither, and yon;The older kids soon reach the forest, and onDown below!There they …

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Apr 03 2010

Pity The Pedophile Priests, Pleads Pope.

The Pope pleaded “pity the pedophile priests;Protect the poor padres, please pray”They’ve sinned, but since Eden, we’re nothing but beastsThese men–why, they’re victims, I say It’s Satan, or sickness, not something they chooseWhen they lust after children, God knowsThey’re clearly as blameless as Holocaust Jews(As the rhetoric reaches new lows) With your staff and your …

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