Monthly Archive: November 2009

Nov 23 2009

No God? No Problem!

I’ve got absolute truths by the dozensThey depend on the god that you citeAnd, my brothers and sisters and cousins,I have to decide which is right. Each claims their morality’s betterThey’re divinely inspired, you see;So I’d follow their laws to the letter,Except that they all disagree. Whenever I look to the bibleTo see how a …

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Nov 20 2009

Galileo! Galileo!

Galileo’s middle finger. Appropriately.The mystery no longer lingers:Found, at last, two missing fingers.They both belonged, as did one tooth,To Galileo. That’s the truth. The heretic had made a fussSupporting old Copernicus;The Earth, he said, each year will runAn orbit ’round our yellow sun; A statement, in The Church’s sight,That could not possibly be right–So Galileo …

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Nov 19 2009

How Will Religion Evolve?

Religion is the perfect toolTo motivate the common fool;So long as leaders crave its power,The church delays its final hour. Religion’s purpose is control(And not the saving of the soul);No holy mind; no will divine,But rather, keeping folks in line. Religion, having once evolved,Is just one way this problem’s solved.But having once found this solution,It …

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Nov 17 2009

Oh, Poor Stanley Fish!

Oh, pity petty Stanley FishWho isn’t treated as he’d wish;Who wants the world to go his wayComplaining at each brief delay. If retail workers choose to takeTheir legally required breakAnd Stanley has to wait a bitProfessor Fish will throw a snit. The poor, poor, privileged Stanley FishStarts steaming like a chafing dishWhen operators are too …

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Nov 16 2009


The experts all will have their say,Examining each different wayThe world we know will cease to be;We know the world will end one day,We each could be the last to see,And though we know, of course, it may,We each will hope “it can’t be me!” A black hole made by evil CERNA calendar about to …

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Nov 15 2009

Time To Eat The Dog?

I bike to work; I do not drive;My thermostat’s on “chilly”.I compost; I recycle; IThink wasting fuel is silly.I have a backyard garden, whereI grow my corn and beans;I can my own tomatoes, andI patch my old, torn jeans.I try to purchase locallyFrom stores that show they care,And speak at local gatheringsTo make us all …

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Nov 13 2009

The Impossible And Unnecessary Pursuit Of Perfection

“Have you noticed how much they look like orchids? Lovely!” – “More From The Notebooks of Lazarus Long” –Robert Heinlein “There is no such thing as perfect”, she said, What she meant was Platonic Ideal;That ancient Greek has made us seekFor things that are better than real. All populations will vary, you know,Even twins aren’t …

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Nov 11 2009

Time For Another Poll

Because it has been a while since my last one. Feel free to explain your vote, if you can.

Nov 10 2009

Come The Rapture, Who Feeds The Dog?

The day the rapture sweeps the land,And plucks up true believers,Among those heathens Left BehindAre Labrador Retrievers No Saint Bernard will make the tripNor Cockapoo, nor Hound;The Lord may be my shepherd, But my Shepherd stays aground. No Poodles, Pugs, or Pekingese;No ifs or ands or buts—The rapture takes God’s faithful,But it doesn’t take the …

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Nov 08 2009

Cuttlefish Classic: The Natural State Of The Featherless Biped

Image: Michael McRae The natural state of the featherless bipedIs totally batshit insane,From the folks who are “tetched”, to the mere “barking mad”To the ones even Freud can’t explain.Some talk to themselves, some talk to “the voices”And others to “god, up above”Some know there are bugs living under their skin,And some (pity them) are in …

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