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May 07 2008

It’s A Reptile! It’s A Mammal! It’s Super-Platypus!

The genome of the platypus,We read today in Nature,Befits a beast so odd it onceDefied our nomenclature;A mammal, but it still lays eggs,And you know what that means:The platypus and lizards shareSome families of genes!Although the tale is quite complex–A long way off from solved–The genome of the platypusShows how we all evolved! Photo accompanies …

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May 06 2008

Apology #130 to William Shakespeare

My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the spotSome mussels have to tell the dark from light;A complex lens, this mollusk it has not—One could not claim a mussel has true sight.I have seen pigment cups for eyes in snailsBut no such eyes my beauty doth possess—To see a light’s direction, sans detailsIs not the job …

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May 05 2008

A Blood-Curdling Cautionary Tale Of Science Run Amok

Genetically, of course, a sporkIs half a spoon, and half a forkA laboratory in New YorkCreated them, then popped the cork. Please, gentle reader, do not swoon,But there was also, once, a foon(That’s half a fork, and half a spoon)Created, sadly, all too soon. In cutlery, one tempts the FatesWhen artificially, one matesUtensils from across …

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May 04 2008

In His Own Image

They say that God created ManAs part of an enormous plan,And did so in His image, cos he loves us, every one.When men of God discriminateAnd treat their fellow men with hateThey do so with the knowledge it’s what Jesus would have done.When righteous men, in righteous waysHate atheists, or Jews, or gays,Or Muslims, pagans, …

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May 03 2008

Friday Limericks: Time

Yeah, I said Friday Limericks.  Commenter Anfractuous reminds me that I missed the actual Friday, if you want to be all technical about it.  I do apologize–life is a bit hectic right now.  I will post about it soon, but a Major Life Event is coming up at the end of the month–it is very …

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May 01 2008

National Day Of Prayer

No, seriously. It’s the National Day Of Prayer. Not everyone is happy about it. It’s time to raise our voice in prayer,And pray to–well, there’s no one there.No god to urge to do our bidding;Go on and pray–just know you’re kidding. It’s time to all sit on our asses,And pray forgiveness for trespasses(Or is that …

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