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Oct 02 2011

A man generally cannot know

Someone called “bluejohn” suggested yesterday that I should engage with James Onen of Freethought Kampala on the subject of Rebecca Watson and elevators and sexism. I replied that I already had. I had a discussion with James at Facebook, but we fundamentally disagree. I don’t think more discussion (on this subject) would be productive. (What …

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Oct 01 2011

Brevity is the soul of wit

Oh how cute – one of the “I really really hate Rebecca Watson” crowd has made a fake Twitter account in order to do a lot of stupid self-implicating tweets as if by Rebecca. Oh haha that’s so funny – what’s next, emptying a pail of garbage in her bed? Locking a skunk in her …

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Sep 29 2011

What misogynists call outspoken women

It’s about time. Rebecca has pointed out the activities of her more obsessed and malevolent haters. I’ve been following one particular clump of them, at intervals, all this time – yes they’re still at it. Would you believe it? I’ve now amassed a following of obsessive creeps who have seemingly devoted their lives to hounding …

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