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Mar 22 2012

What Ehrman actually says

Richard Carrier takes a look at Bart Ehrman’s article at the Huffington Post on the did-Jesus-exist question. One point Richard makes jumped out at me, because the same thing jumped out at me in Ehrman’s book. Mistake #2: Ehrman actually says (and I can’t believe it, but these are his exact words): With respect to Jesus, we …

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Jan 29 2012

Second-guessing subjective experiences

Mark Vernon wrote a response to Julian’s Heathen’s Progress series. It’s got to do with the fact that cognition is embodied, which Vernon somehow takes to mean that subjective convictions are trustworthy, or something along those lines. …the modern sceptic is suspicious of subjective convictions. They fixate on the many ways in which individuals can …

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Nov 23 2011

Thinking about thinking about thinking

More discussion of facts and belief, of Ward and Coyne, of science and philosophy, of evidence and reasons to believe. Jean Kazez did a post a couple of days ago, which I didn’t see until today, and Russell Blackford did one at Talking Philosophy. I find Jean’s post very interesting because it talks about the …

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Oct 30 2011

All of empirical inference

There’s another entry for the What to call it problem. It comes from a comment by Richard Wein on Dan’s post replying to Dr Coyne. Much of the confusion over “science” and “scientism” arises from the tendency of some New Atheists (including Coyne) to stretch the word “science” to mean all of empirical inference. I think …

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Oct 25 2011

The not just making it up community

That thing about drawing the boundaries in a different place, again. Julian drew them as: science everything else, especially the humanities and looking at a painting I want to draw them as: science and all other kinds of inquiry that are constrained by reality storytelling the arts, aesthetic experience, appreciation

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Sep 24 2011

If they retain their appearance

And another thing. This transubstantiation nonsense – another thing about it is that it’s a teaching. Transubstantiation is the teaching that during the Mass, at the consecration in the Lord’s Supper (Communion), the elements of the Eucharist, bread and wine, are transformed into the actual body and blood of Jesus and that they are no …

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Sep 24 2011

Many people of faith are filled with doubts

An amusing passage in the conversation between Dawkins and Odone in the Guardian: CO: I’m a Catholic and my husband is an Anglican, and transubstantiation is an issue between us. Do I want my daughter to take up my Catholic beliefs? Yes I do. Do I believe my beliefs are superior in any way to …

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