Mar 14 2013

Tzortzis is on the schedule

Chris Moos updated us a couple of days ago, and I missed it until now.

I would like to inform you that UCL has banned the iERA, Hamza Tzortzis
organisation, from holding further events on campus:

We are now informing all universities that Hamza Tzortzis is set to
speak at, according to his website (
) on the issue.

Next are:
11 Mar: Kings College London – “The Existence of God”
12 Mar: Salford University – “Muhammad: Liar, Truthful or Deluded?”
Chapman Building, 5PM.
13 Mar: Medway University – “Has Evolution Been Misunderstood?”
18 Mar: Aston University – “Atheism or Theism?”
21 Mar: Brunel University – TBA
King’s College London has not responded yet.
Salford University told us that “this event is no longer taking place at
the University tomorrow.”

Well done Salford University. Now for Aston and Brunel…


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  1. 1

    Well done Chris and the others of “We”!

    Can you confirm that there truly has been a ban?
    Many people have jumped on the linked article and concluded that there is a ban, but the language “We are still investigating …” and “… we should not allow any further events involving them …” leaves me still in doubt.
    Is there precedent at UCL for banning a specific group from campus?

  2. 2
    A Hermit

    An “Islam Awareness Tour?” Well, if his goal was to raise awareness of Islamist misogyny…mission accomplished!

  3. 3
    NateHevens, resident SOOPER-GENIUS... apparently...

    I’m not crazy! I [i]did[/i] see something like this somewhere!


    But where?…

    I’ll update my timeline…

  4. 4

    Good on you Salford!

  1. 5
    Islamic excuses for Misogyny « Skeptical Science

    [...] and it gets even better …someone contacted the other universities on the iERA current speaking tour about what has been going on and Salford university has now also [...]

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