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Apr 30 2012

Want to learn more about the future of genomics?

My department is hosting a panel on “The Future of Genome Sciences” that is free and open to the public. Here are the details: Panel Discussion: The Future of Genome Sciences Monday, May 7th 7:00 pm, Kane Hall EDIT: 120 University of Washington Seattle, WA free, no registration required The speakers will be: Dr. Bruce …

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Apr 24 2012


That noise you hear is millions of scifi nerds squeeing in unison. The startup Planetary Resources has announced its mission to investigate and mine resources from asteroids in space. While the fact that fricking asteroid mining is theoretically possible is awesome on its own, I really like their big picture view of the project: “This is …

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Jan 26 2012

Indiana Senate committee approves creationist legislation

My dad emailed me this news report with the quote “Another reason to be glad you’re not living in Indiana.” From NWI Times (our local newspaper!): An Indiana Senate committee on Wednesday endorsed teaching creationism in public schools, despite pleas from scientists and religious leaders to keep religion out of science classrooms. Senate Bill 89 allows school …

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Dec 09 2011

Another brain exploding quote from a Republican candidate

This time from Mr. Frothy Mixture himself, Rick Santorum: Discussing controversial classroom subjects such as evolution and global warming, Santorum said he has suggested that “science should get out of politics” and he is opposed to teaching that provides a “politically correct perspective.” We don’t want facts and data informing our political decisions! Only baby …

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Nov 07 2011

Jennifer Ouellette speaking in Seattle this Thursday

Women in Genome Sciences is hosting popular science writer and skeptic Jennifer Ouellette this Thursday. She’ll be giving a talk about popular science writing, blogging, and writing as an alternative career at 1:30pm in Foege Auditorium (room S060) at the University of Washington. Here’s a brief bio: “Jennifer Ouellete is the director of the Science …

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Oct 12 2011

What the hell did I just watch?

Every Wednesday my department has an hour long seminar with an invited speaker. I feel like I should preface this post with an explanation that our speakers are generally very good. Sometimes I’m personally bored out of my mind, but that’s because we’re a diverse department and occasionally things will be completely out of my …

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Oct 03 2011

Support Freethought Blogs by helping teachers and their students

Donors Choose is an amazing charity that helps fund projects for public school classrooms across the US. The fact that we need such a charity to make sure our children receive a proper education is depressing. Some classrooms, especially in areas with high poverty, don’t have the money to provide supplies as basic as pencils …

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Sep 27 2011

Do this now, OkCupid

Chart of kinkiness vs. experience with clustered data points

One of my favorite blogs is OkTrends (even if they haven’t updated since April, sadface). What’s better than combing dating site data for statistical trends an oddities? All of their articles are super interesting. I was having lunch with some of my fellow graduate students, when the conversation turned geeky (as it tends to do). …

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Sep 26 2011

The perception of female graduate students

Guy in bar: So, what brought you to Seattle? Me: I just started grad school Guy: What are you studying? Me: Genetics Guy: Oh, I would have thought it would be more shallow-like Me: … *eyes bug out* While I think the details are irrelevant, I feel compelled to add that I wasn’t wearing anything …

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Sep 08 2011

The science of calling out sexism?

A lot of people, male and female, are often afraid of calling out instances of sexism. They don’t want to be perceived as oversensitive or troublemakers, or they’re afraid of angry backlash. I say “they,” because I obviously don’t have a problem with blowing up the whole internet in order to call out sexism. But …

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