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Jun 12 2012

Seattle’s proposed solution to their gun problem: God

Seattle is brainstorming ways to deal with the recent increase in gun-related violence in the city…and I’m a little skeptical of the idea proposed by Seattle City Council member Bruce Harrell: Harrell says he’s spoken with a number of pastors about putting together a gang outreach program that would combine clergy members with other mentoring …

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May 27 2012

Church economic development controversy strikes West Lafayette, IN

Jen says: The following is a guest post by my friends Anna, Mike, and Mario. Anna is the president of the Society of Non-Theists at Purdue and “isn’t cool enough for a blog.” Mike blogs at Politics and Pucks. Mario blogs at An Episcopalian in Planet Earth. West Lafayette, IN is home to Purdue University, my old stomping ground, so I’m still interested …

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May 15 2012


Here’s a depressing comparison for you: 2012 US Science Budget*: $85.2 billion Yearly losses due to religious tax exemptions: Over $71 billion We could basically double the US Science Budget, but instead we continue to bow to religious privilege. Priorities, indeed. *Funding the National Institute of Health, National Science Foundation, NASA, Department of Energy, National …

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May 10 2012

Blag Hag Hipsters, rejoice!

If you’re one of those people I’ve caught saying “I read Blag Hag before boobquake,” then have I got news for you. An old friend is back: Pastor Tom Estes of the blog Hard Truth. If you’ve forgotten Pastor T. Estes, don’t worry – I had to dig through the archives to remember why the …

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May 07 2012

Today’s example of Christian privilege: Delta Airlines

I’ve racked up a lot of frequent flyer miles with Delta, but I’m going to have to consider other airlines next time I’m booking a flight. I just don’t feel comfortable supporting a business that easily succumbs to the orders of religious bigots. The Catholic League announced Monday that Delta Air Lines had pulled its …

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May 03 2012

Liveblogging Abby Johnson’s “Do women have too many rights?”


(7:17pm) Well, I’m here. Tonight is Abby Johnson’s talk “Do women have too many rights?” at the University of Washington, sponsored by Students for Life of America and the Catholic Newman Center, who had this ironic poster hung outside the room: Human rights! …unless you’re a pregnant woman. I’ll be making updates throughout the talk, …

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May 03 2012

Apples – you can’t explain that!


More tweets I get from Christians: I replied with this link. Next someone’s going to try to make the argument that bananas were designed by God to perfectly fit in our hands! Ha! …Oh wait.

May 01 2012

The secret to getting a flood of angry Christian tweets


No, it’s not to spend years blogging about atheism, giving talks about how fucked up religion is, or helping run atheist organizations. It’s to get retweeted by Dan Savage. I know not all of you follow me on twitter, so I thought I’d share the highlights. Dan retweets someone: I make a quip, which Dan …

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Apr 29 2012

Christianity is bullshit, and I’m not apologizing for saying that

Religious bigots are furious with Dan Savage yet again. This time their rage is inspired by a speech Dan gave at the National High School Journalism Conference, where he points out the “bullshit” in the Bible and a trickle of Christians get up and walk out of his talk. Watch the video for a wonderful speech …

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Mar 28 2012

Pennsylvania church stages “fake” kidnapping of youth group to teach about religious persecution

Holy fuck. Teenagers at the Glad Tidings Assembly of God Church in Middletown, Pa., were surprised when they attended a youth group meeting at the church on March 21 and were ambushed by what seemed to be real kidnappers. Adults, including an off-duty cop, brandished weapons and put bags over the heads of the children, …

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