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Aug 01 2013

This is not an okay way to talk about depression and suicide

Warning – I’m about to break the hive mind and disagree with a fellow blogger. Chris Clarke has a post up at Pharyngula “On using suicide as a rhetorical strategy.” His post is in response to Hugo Schwyzer admitting that he had just spent a week at a psych ward after he committed himself. Chris refers to this …

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Mar 11 2013

Paleofantasy: When people act like cavemen because they misunderstand evolution

I’ve been waiting so long for someone to write this book. Salon has a great interview with Marlene Zuk, evolutionary biologist who just wrote “Paleofantasy: What evolution really tells us about sex, diet, and how we live.” The Paleo diet? How evolution surprisingly supports 1950s gender roles? Yeah, those ideas aren’t actually supported by evolution …

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Mar 23 2012

Guest Post: Skeptical dog training

The following is a guest post by Julie Lada, a veterinary student and skeptic who blogs at My DVM Vacation. Dog training is a hot button issue right now. Dozens of TV, magazine and book personalities are dying to tell you the best way to get your dog to stop jumping up on your guests …

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Jul 24 2011

Would religion help my psychological issues?

From the mailbag: Do you think your current psychological problems would be less severe or even non-existant if you could rely on a faith? (= + faith community?) Sorry if too provocative. Honestly, no. I’ve dealt with these issues since I was little. It’s overlapped my naive atheism, my desperate attempt at deism, my agnosticism, …

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Jun 22 2011

Picking on myself

I couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was checking out UW’s mental health clinic, mainly because I wanted to facepalm at the Traditional Chinese Medicine/acupuncturist screener. I wanted to explain why I was going, for two main reasons: I don’t want people to worry about me, especially since it’s not that bad. I …

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Aug 20 2010

I get weird emails from Sigmund Freud

At least, that’s what it seems like. From formspring.me: Is it possible for me to measure the testosterone level in your blood? Uh, it is indeed possible. Now, is it probable that I’ll let some random person collect blood samples from me? Not exactly. Would you allow us to compare your testosterone level in your …

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Jul 31 2010

Myers-Briggs tests

From formspring.me: Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs? What do you think about it? I have taken the Myers-Briggs – an “official” version too, not just some random version on the internet. As a freshman at Purdue I was selected as part of President Jischke’s Leadership class, a weekly meeting of 30 students from the …

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