I get weird emails from Sigmund Freud

At least, that’s what it seems like. From formspring.me:

Is it possible for me to measure the testosterone level in your blood?

Uh, it is indeed possible. Now, is it probable that I’ll let some random person collect blood samples from me? Not exactly.

Would you allow us to compare your testosterone level in your blood with other women periodically? I’d like to find out how much testosterone explains the affinity to math and science.

Maybe if you were an actual laboratory doing a study for a university.

Would you admit that you have Electra Complex?

No, because Freudian analysis is bullshit.

Can I talk to your subconscious? I’d like to talk about sexual symbols in one of your paintings in the Deviantart.

I’m intrigued, but my subconscious is currently too weirded out to agree, sorry.

Can I talk to your subconscious about your semi-hidden forbidden desire for Snape-like people (cold, calculating, precise, sarcastic, and bitter) in your life?

My subconscious is amused that you think its desire for Snape is semi-hidden. And that it actually translates to the type of people I hang out with or date.

Hmm, I think I rather have questions from the dude with a bear romance problems


  1. LS says

    We all like talking to other people about intimate sexual details. It’s interesting, exciting, and everybody has fun.But you don’t try to introduce yourself to people you don’t know with intimate sexual conversation. That’s…creepy.

  2. Bailey says

    Ew, what a creep! Why do people think that the anonymity of being online allows them to completely disregard all rules of polite discussion? I feel like I need a shower, and s/he wasn’t even being sleazy at me!

  3. Jarich says

    I don’t see any newer questions than from 3 weeks ago. Is there something wrong with my settings or something?

  4. estoll says

    Oh my LORD! A girl that likes math! She must be manly! Seriously? Why is there such a preconceived notion that math is masculine? That is complete bullshit: http://www.smbc-comics.com/ind…Also, as much as we’d all like to talk about your sex life, that was super super creepy.

  5. Cyborgwizard says

    Welcome to the public eye. I swear, you get your picture shown on one episode of the Colbert Report and suddenly your inbox is flooded with requests from weirdos.

  6. Azkyroth says

    Wasn’t there a substantial period of history where abstract math was seen mostly as a trivial pursuit appropriate for women, and it only became “manly” when people realized how useful it was? I seem to recall reading this somewhere..

  7. Azkyroth says

    Having read through those questions and your answers, I’m curious.What was it like tying up a lamp?

  8. Azkyroth says

    PS: you missed an opportunity:”measure the testosterone in my blood periodically? Sure, gimme an address and I’ll send you a used tampon >.>.”

  9. says

    Also, Freud fail – the technical term is “unconscious”. Subconscious means next to nothing, and Freud explicitly condemned it’s usage.

  10. says

    lol. It seems the formspring.me marketing department just found a segment of the internet users to focus on – people who want to ask socially unacceptable questions anonymously.I wonder if this is an accidental discovery or a deliberate design of their product development team…

  11. Zombie says

    Wait, so now Harry Potter characters are now archetypes in Freudian analysis? I guess the field is progressing…

  12. Svlad Cjelli says

    Definitely more creepy than ovulation-guy. He didn’t ask for vials of blood, or try psychoanalysis for that matter.

  13. Praedico says

    You know, people like this always make me feel better.I am, not to put too fine a point on it, creepy, weird and socially inept, but I have just enough social grace to know not to ask someone what their blood type is for no apparent reason. These people make me look socially competent, which is awesome!Also, I love that the question is ‘would you _admit_ that you have an Electra complex’, as if there’s no doubt that you have one, just whether you’re willing to admit to it.

  14. guest says

    No Elektra Complex? But … but … but … us horny fan bois wanna see you in red leather!

  15. Marie Curie says

    Wow thats…borderline offensive. Deeper voices and facial hair mean increased testosterone. An interest in science has nothing to do with it.

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