Oct 31 2010

Happy Halloween!

I celebrated with a religious costume last night:What? I didn’t say it was a serious religion.

Tonight I’ll probably celebrate by reading more papers for class and getting some coding done. Grad students are pretty scary.


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  1. 1

    I’d like to inform you that you have just won the internets.

  2. 2

    *Awesome*. Two thumbs way, way up. Please do ride the bus as often as possible – I ride ‘em daily, and you would *so* improve my commute… :-)

  3. 3
    K.W. Ramsey

    Wow, great costume! You look amazing. :)

  4. 4

    Wow, look at your makeup!

  5. 5
    Michael Simms

    Congratulations on being touched by His noodly appendage.

  6. 6

    You know I respect you and I read your blog for the fun and thought put in. But, let me say that, were I a cartoon seeing that photo, I would be saying such nonsense as “homina homina howa”.In other words, you’re a looker and a brain. Thanks.

  7. 7
    Sam Barnett-Cormack

    Okay, I generally prefer to comment on your writing, your opinions, and on the other opinions you bring to our attention (and those of other commenters, of course), but I just have to say, that is one seriously nice picture. In a strictly non-pervy way, because there’s not much pervable (as it were) in the picture. On a matter of aesthetics, you look really good in that picture. As well as the whole concept being interesting, of course.On a different note, isn’t that taglietelle? Shouldn’t it be spaghetti, or at least something nearer spaghetti (like linguine)?

  8. 8

    You look amazing. I think this should be your everyday outfit.

  9. 9

    Tell us more about the coding!

  10. 10

    Um… I’m not sure how this fits in with the recent posts about sexism /misogyny/stoopidasshowls, but… DAYUM!! You are HOT!! On behalf of hot, brainy women everywhere, “Nice to have you as a member of the club!!”

  11. 11
    Riz Siemens

    There’s serious religion now? Huh..Lookin good :)

  12. 12
    Liew Xiang Xiang

    There are people who take religion seriously. Does that count? :DThat costume looks fabulous by the way.

  13. 13
    Michael LaRowe

    Looking good, senorita.

  14. 14
    John-Henry Eric Beck

    Great look.We definitely need more pirates.

  15. 15

    And you say you don’t know how to do makeup?! It looks good! I love a good religious costume, too.

  16. 16

    Thought you might enjoy this from John Stewart’s Rally on the National Mall yesterday.http://www.flickr.com/photos/g

  17. 17

    I’m absolutely sure this lead to a significant decrease in earthquakes on that day

  18. 18
    Anna Jobsis

    Wow, cool costume and who did your make-up? Nicely done!

  19. 19

    ARR, me bonny lass, ye be lookin’ better than a thousand pieces o’ eight!

  20. 20

    Arrr that be one Bolognaisy saucy pirate

  21. 21

    Looking good, Jen.

  22. 22

    You look great! I went as science this year. It was tons of fun. Especially because (totally unplanned) another one of my friends went as religion.Pictures: http://thinking-it.blogspot.co

  23. 23
    Doug Sloan

    For some reason, I think people here will enjoy this.http://www.nakedpastor.com/201

  24. 24

    Sure beats my gorilla costume.

  25. 25
    Richard Girvan

    OK, I’m gay and I have to admit that you’re hot.

  26. 26
    Jeffrey A. Myers

    Cute noodlage on the shoulder!

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