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Feminism in outer space

I have a long-ish commute, and I drive an “affordable” car. Apparently, though,  it has a really good radio, because I think I was picking up a talk show from another planet. The guest and hosts were discussing feminism in the context of the guest’s new book about “God’s 10 Gifts for Women,” and the description of feminism was like nothing I’ve seen on this Earth. Did I mention it was a Christian radio station?

When I tuned in, they were talking about Sandra Fluke and whether she suffered from “low self esteem.” It was kind of bizarre, though, because every time they mentioned her by name, they called her “Sandra Fluck or Flook or however you pronounce her name.” I think once—and only once—they slipped up and called her just Sandra Fluke (as in rhymes with duke). Every other time it was the complete mantra, Sandra-Fluck-or-Flook-or-however-you-pronounce-her-name.

But the really bizarre thing was the author’s description of feminism, especially in the light of their discussion of Sandra Fluke. Like I said, I don’t know what planet the author was speaking from, but apparently wherever she lives, they have radical leftist feminists (with names like Gloria Steinem no less), who have worked hard to win freedom for women—but only in the bedroom. That’s right, feminism (on her planet) has the sole goal of turning women into sex objects for men to play with.

That’s why feminists like Sandra Fluke (“or however you pronounce it”) have self esteem issues, don’tcha see. Only Jesus really treats women with the respect and honor they truly deserve (like the time he healed Peter’s mother-in-law so she could get up and fix him a sandwich).

There was some other bizarre stuff too, like the male co-host pointing out that Rush Limbaugh attacked Sandra Fluke and called her a slut. That in itself isn’t so bizarre, but he then mentioned President Obama calling to thank her for standing up for women’s rights, which he (the co-host) then used to claim that Fluke was somehow helpless and had to have actual male manly men come rushing to her defense. And therefore feminism isn’t really helping women at all, or something (at least on whatever planet they were broadcasting from).

And by the way, did you know that The Pill is categorized as a class one carcinogen? That, spake the author, is something you’re not going to hear about in the secular news (perhaps because the secular news, in the interests of telling the whole story, might be more prone to point out the fact that birth control pills actually reduce the risk of some of the more malignant forms of cancer).

I look back at our recent discussion about equity feminism versus so-called “gender feminism” and I’ve learned a lot about both in the past few days. But apparently those aren’t the only two forms of feminism. At least in this galaxy anyway.