Nominate a blogger for Netroots Nation

I’m lucky, my friend Lindsay Beyerstein used to joke I was a made man in the blog world, referring to my role at the Great Orange Satan. One perk is stuff like Netroots Nation costs less out-of-pocket for me. DK usually pitches in a little for contributing editors that can make it. But there’s a whole bunch of deserving local bloggers and activists who would like to go, who the NN staff would love to have, and who would benefit from it, but for whom the cost is prohibitive — being a straight-shooting science-loving conscientious progressive blogger doesn’t pay anywhere near as much as corporate-wingnut sellout.

That’s why NN has set up a program to help 50 people who couldn’t otherwise afford to go. You can apply for a scholarship to attend, or nominate anyone you think deserves consideration for the same.

Netroots Nation blog up and running

So there I was, summer 2006, Las Vegas baby, sitting on stage next to PZ Myers with General Wesley Clark praising evolution and climate science in front of a standing room only crowd. I distinctly remember the cameras pointing at us, lit up, reminding me of rows of LAW rocket launchers zeroed in on an enemy position about to be shredded. It was weird, just a few months earlier I had been another obscure commenter on an early incarnation of Pharyngula and Ed Brayton’s Dispatches, and suddenly I’m there, complete with hammering pulse and a mouth drier than grandma’s premo Thanksgiving stuffing. [Read more…]