SCIAM steps in it bad

An online science publisher asked a SCIAM blogger for some unpaid work. Blogger said no thanks. Publisher then called her … a whore. Yeah, that really happened. The blogger then took to her site to write it up, as she certainly should have, and SCIAM spiked the post creating a completely unnecessary secondary issue and coming off like control freaky idiots. A lot of science bloggers are copying DNLee’s original and now censured post — temporarily we hope. Sean Carroll has it up here.

Judging by the standards of the wild jungle the Internet has long been, there’s nothing particularly snarky or biting about her response. If anything, given that she was just called a whore for not working for free, and then overwritten by SCIAM to boot, I thought she showed remarkable restraint on the matter.





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    SciAm’s part in this was disgraceful.

    The guy who asked her if she was an urban whore should probably be fired and marked as a professional liability to any reputable brand.

    She did show restraint, and I hope she receives the apology she deserves.

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