Unskewed polls make a comeback to support Cruz


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I’m still stoked that nature put a gun to my head, pulled the trigger, and the hammer fell on an empty chamber.

But, back to the world at large … remember when polling started to show the race slipping away from Romney a year ago? And wingnut sites sprung up claiming the polls were skewed, illustrating the one thing wingnuts excel at, denial of widely-observed empirical facts? Now that polls have swung against the GOP on the shutdown and debt ceiling, they’re back:

TPM — Jim Geraghty, a correspondent for the conservative National Review, conceded that the numbers brought “largely bad” news for the GOP, but also said that the NBC/WSJ poll’s sample looked “iffy.” In a column published Friday, Geraghty highlighted highlighted that 14 percent of the poll’s sample is not registered to vote. “I’d love to see the crosstabs of how this sub-sample feels about what’s going on in Washington,” he wrote.

The conservative website PJ Media likewise ran a post noting “a statistical problem with that much-cited NBC/WSJ poll that shows Republicans are getting whooped in the shutdown.”

Republicans and conservatives repeatedly questioned polls taken during the 2012 campaign that showed President Barack Obama with leads over Mitt Romney. The so-called “poll trutherism” reached an apex when a conservative activist named Dean Chambers launched the now-defunct website, UnSkewedPolls.com

This is all to protect the fragile, megalomaniacal ego of Ted Cruz. Who had the Teaparty on their feet screaming fealty today, cheering the clueless bozo who split the GOP into pieces, led the most extreme nutters straight into a political Little Bighorn, and then rode away to accolades of heroism and lucrative fundraising never to return and relieve the exposed, bewildered soldiers he left behind.

There’s something chilling about Cruz, beyond being a full blown religious phony with McCarthy-esque qualities, something that seeps cold down into my bones. Something I don’t feel to the same degree when I see Rand Paul or Marco Rubio pitching their equally annoying spiels. Cruz is different, more pure and unabashed in his evil, he strikes me as the kind of ruthless, sinister maniac who would light his own grandmother’s house on fire just so he could run into the street screaming his opponent du jure must be a closet arsonist. Cruz as a hero doesn’t say a lot for the remaining Teaparty dead-enders who worship him either. Their sacred exemplar of US patriotism is now a Canadian born sociopath representing a state that brags about seceding.

By all that is not holy, it really does seem like this has to be peak wingnut.












  1. magistramarla says

    Yeah, I saw some of his speech this morning, too.
    My first comment to the hubby was that it sure is easy to tell that his old man is a preacher.
    My second comment was that he is the very definition of a demagogue.

  2. Al Dente says

    I have the same reaction to Cruz as you do. I find the Pauls, Ron and Rand, to be detestable. They’re both ignorant demagogues and Ron is a racist but, if nothing else, they’re honest in their loathsome rhetoric. I don’t think Cruz is honest. The Pauls are detestable. Cruz is sinister and menacing.

  3. colnago80 says

    As I have opined on the blogs here abouts, Cruz is the most dangerous man in the Rethuglican Party. He combines a very high intellect with an almost unparallelled facility for demagoguery that would make Frankenberger, Long, and McCarthy turn green with envy if they were still alive. He has the ability to make idiotic statements sound almost reasonable and is well known as a highly skilled debater. Anyone who doubts his intelligence should peruse the article in a recent issue of Gentleman’s Quarterly and comments on him by one of his professors at Harvard Law, Alan Dershowitz who states that he and fellow Senator Elizabeth Warren were the two most intelligent students he ever had in class.

    I agree with Darksyde, he is much too intelligent to believe even 1/2 of the crap that comes out of his mouth but is just pandering to the Rethuglican right wing born again base. Liberals write him off as a nutcase to their peril.

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