The Heart Cath

8:40 AM Central: Driving to St. David’s North Austin Medical Center, I don’t know if I’ll have Internet access or not, but I smuggled in a tablet. I’m geting a heart cath shortly, will tweet under tag #heartcath using @SAndrewDKos. BTW, my aol email address is completely borked and the cust service I got when I called in to get it fixed was horrific. Later this week I might call them and record how terrible it is for Kagro on the Morning and me to ridicule.


  1. Blueaussi says

    Put away the tablet, relax, and focus on getting better. We’ll all be here when you get back.

  2. MG Myers says

    I agree with Blueaussi that it would be good for you to focus on getting better. We’ll definitely be here when you return. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  3. otrame says

    Come on, people. Getting a cath is a fairly miserable experience. As long as the doctors are okay with it, anything that takes his mind off of the unpleastness is good.

    On the other hand, the idea that he “owes” us live blogging is complete bullshit. Steven, if your docs say okay and you honestly want to, fine. But quit the second you don’t feel like it. You can always tell us about it later if you want to. Or not. Up to you.

  4. otrame says

    Damn it, I’m sorry. I meant Stephen, of course. I don’t know who that “Steven ” guy is either.

  5. catlover says

    I wish you well, Stephern. Please don’t try to blog if you don’t feel up to it.
    Besides, from what a friend who had a heart cath said, you will probably be much too sedated to do anything but lie there quietly, not moving a muscle — which is exactly what the doctors need.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  6. timberwoof says

    “Getting a cath is a fairly miserable experience.”

    It all depends on the individual and the circumstances. I had a heart catheterization about fourteen years ago and I would not say it was a miserable experience. For me the worst part was getting the IV—I was a needle-phobic crybaby. The next worst part for me was getting the local anesthetic injections, but I had already been given a Valium. Once I tested my wrist restraints (they were so subtle about putting them on!) and knew I wasn’t going to be able to do anything stupid, I relaxed and let the Versed do its nap-time magic. So I dozed in and out for three hours and it was all good.

    Stephen should be done by now and slowly coming out of his daze.

    Hi, Stephen. Take it easy. If you can’t pee, drink a tall glass of water. That worked for me. That kind of catheter probably is miserable. (They threatened me with one if I didn’t pee.) We’ll be waiting for your next report. When you post your walkabout report, I’ll know it’s all good.

  7. embraceyourinnercrone says

    Good luck. And actually( this is second hand so take it with a grain of salt) it isn’t always miserable. My husband had his 6 years ago after several weeks of weird pain in his RIGHT arm and very occasional mild chest pain. They had already done a echo and found nothing.

    He was awake but really loopy during the procedure and so chatty the docs had to ask him to please quiet down so they could work!

    The worst part for him was having to keep his leg immobile for 24 hours afterward.

    They found the clog got rid of it and put in a stent, no problems.

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