‘Why not, not eat pigs together!’

Israel bombed Syria.

Syria warned Israel.

Jews and Muslims hate each other a lot. But both Jews and Muslims have a great deal in common in the way they perceive their respective histories. Judaism developed as a monotheistic religion in the Middle East in the 12th century BCE. Islam originated in the 7th century CE. But Judaism and Islam, the two religions share similar values, guidelines, and principles. Hebrew and Arabic, the languages of Jews and Muslims are both Semitic languages.

Let’s see the similarities between the Jews and the Muslims.

The Bible and the Quran are having almost the same stories but the names are changed little bit for the Quran to make it different from the Bible. Adam and Eve of the Bible are Adam and Hawwaa in the Quran. Cain and Abel are Qabil and Habil. Noah is Nuh. Joseph is Yusuf. Moses is Musa. Korah is Qarun. Saul,David and Golith are Talut, Dawud and Galut. Jonah is Yunus. Zachariah and John are Zakariya and Yahya. Mary is Maryam. Jesus is Isa.

Muslims adopted almost all Jews and Christian practices and rituals.
Jews and Muslims both perform circumcision,an ancient Egyptian practice. Both wear hats or caps and beards. Both hate women. Both slaughter animals using the same painful method to get halal and kosher meat. And both do not eat pigs. They should try to get some peace on the basis of their common ground.

I like Tim Minchin for writing wonderful songs. His Palestine anthem or the pig song is one of my favourites.

‘We don’t eat pigs,
You don’t eat pigs,
It seems it’s been that way forever

So if you don’t eat pigs,
And we don’t eat pigs,
Why not, not eat pigs together?’