Arabic language is used to stop peeing in public




It was impossible to stop people from urinating in public in Bangladesh. No sign, no request in Bengali language worked so far. Finally some Arabic words are written on the walls. And it works like magic. Muslims respect Arabic language as they believe it is the language of Allah, the God. If you write I wanna fuck you, motherfucker in Arabic, Muslims as they can only recognize Arabic alphabets but do not know the language, would show respect to that slang. Allah’s language is only useful to stop peeing in public. I do not see any other uses of this language in non Arabic countries.


  1. Sean Hammond says

    Over the last decade, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in Bangladesh, and I find it sad, perverse, and as corrupt as many who are able to think clearly while taking in the wonders of a foreign country.

    Bangladesh should be able to thrive. There is huge wealth there (in the hands of the few) along with what seems to be an almost institutionalised lack of self control. And yet the country is morally and financially quite poor.
    The peeing in public is just an ever present example of the near complete lack of respect much of the population has for each other, and anyone else.
    Wanton vandalism are common place, along with violent expression in support of an alternate political view, so it is no surprise that the population behave in such a typically animal manner.
    It’s sad that a country that truly has so much beauty and many wonders, is constantly being pissed on physically and metaphorically by its own inhabitants.
    Ironic then, that Arabic characters, recognised by many in a state where illiteracy is rife, are used in an attempt to curtail such acts, when a twisted Islam frequently limits such countries from ever being anything other than lowly, to be abused by Arabs.


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