Fatwa against women’s football

Muslim fundamentalists issued fatwa against women’s football match in West Bengal. Now the match is cancelled by the authority. ‘Islam does not permit us to watch women playing in the field wearing short dresses.’ Fundamentalists said.


Authorities fulfill every demand of Muslim fundamentalists, no matter whether those demands are against laws. It seems fundamentalists are the authorities, and authorities are the slaves. Let me tell you my West Bengal experiences.
1. Authorities banned the book of my memoir in 2003 because Muslim fundamentalists asked authorities to ban that book.
2. Fundamentalists issued fatwas against me, they set prices on my head in 2004-2007. Authorities did not take any action against any of those fundamentalists even though setting price on people’s head was illegal.
3. Authorities wanted to make Muslim fundamentalists happy by throwing me out of West Bengal in 2007.
4. The inauguration of my book in Kolkata book fair 2012 was banned by the authorities, and
5. The telecast of my TV mega serial was cancelled in 2013 in order to appease Muslim fundamentalists.
Quite horrible experiences, indeed.

I was not really surprised when I heard that women’s football match was cancelled in West Bengal. West Bengal is officially not ruled by Muslim fundamentalists, but unofficially it is ruled by them. They take decision which books or serials should not be read or watched by people, who can stay in the state, who should not be allowed to enter the state, what game women should play, what they should wear etc. Fundamentalists claim that whatever is not Islamic hurts their religious sentiments. Politicians are keen to take very good care of people’s fucking bullshit sentiments.


  1. Ajoy Seal says

    rajyata chiratakal raye gelo kalidasder hate .Muslim moulobadider galobastra hoye deke anchhe ekta nirbachito sarkar. esob Katha sahos Kore bolle abar hoy maobadi nahoy sampradayik.bipajjanak poristhiti.

  2. says

    when remove the fundamentalist from our society? In the name of religion they are performing many unnecessary activities which are harmful to our society. Many persons around our society are educated but their mentality aren’t educated. the education without conscience should be removed form our society.we need technical education that helps to remove fundamentalist form our society.

  3. says

    Like legal provisions, social and religious customs/ trends do have some logic which depend upon mind set and public exposures of individuals responsible for making any customs/trends. Survival of this planet has been made possible by the joint efforts of men and women and enough gravity has been created by GOD to get required joint efforts. But individuals responsible for making religious and social customs have wrongly understood the mind set of women who too had been crazy like men but little decently unlike men. They held men responsible for all misdeed though women were also equally responsible and introduced all customs which could make unavoidable distance between men and women. Though the same is not the solution for the problems because excess of everything is bad and little openess might help in getting away being crazy.

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