Cow slaughter

Cow slaughter is getting illegal in India. The state of Maharashtra imposed a 5-year jail term for cow slaughter. Now Haryana government would make cow slaughter punishable by up to 10-year imprisonment.
“We would not allow beef in Haryana as it hurts our religious sentiments.” The Haryana minister said.

“Some people argue in favour of respecting sentiments of beef-eaters. If some community develops a habit of eating human flesh, should we respect that as well?” Another minister said.
State education minister suggested death sentence for cow slaughter.

I have seen cows walking around Delhi. They have no food. They are eating plastic bags from the streets. Cows suffer from intestinal obstruction because of having plastic bags. I do not know why they, who worship cows, do not provide the poor cows grass? I am not a cow worshiper, but seeing cows eating plastic bags makes me feel cry. I collect grass for hungry cows. But it is not possible for me to feed hundreds of cows. I am not against beef farming, but I am against torture and ill treatment of cows and all other animals.



  1. Nandakishore N says

    First of all, though I’m a vegetarian and orthodox Hindu who believe that COW is extremely divine; I don’t support any kind of ban of beef for the simple reason that in a democratic world we are NOT supposed to impose anything on anybody.
    Having said that while I support any voice raised against this ban, I found this logic of *cows are dying unfed and diseased; instead we can have them for beef* actually pathetic. I smell a stench of hypocrisy in it.
    Coming 2 the minister’s question of *shud we allow eating human-flesh*; well nobody will say so; but having said that it’s incontrovertibly just the hypocrisy of the Human Race to think that way.
    I technically don’t see any difference between a chicken or a cow or a goat or a human being being eaten by a predator specie; although our survival instincts are superior only bcz they can be fulfilled while the survival instincts of other species go in vain.

    • chakri says

      Beef ban should not be seen as a decision taken by the govt to appease the majority hindus because religion has nothing to do when it comes to the ban on beef. Instead this should be seen as a decision taken to reflect our culture than the mere religion. As said by Gandhiji, a country’s progress can be evaluated just by looking at the way it respects its inhabitants which includes cattle,human beings and other living and non living organisms. one important thing is many other states were already practising this law since ages but this time it came to limlight just because BJP govt has done this .

    • db says

      what are you trying to say ?

      Technically you see no difference between man and animal , so u treat them in a same way ? No species is created to be eaten by stronger one…..but its the law of nature that stronger eats the weaker …..but man has compassion which restrict them to behave in a animal way….any compassion shown to animal by man is show of its divine nature…if the society do something for them you should welcome them!

  2. dibakar chakraborty says

    The ban on cow slaughter brings to my mind the state of affairs in a couple of N.E. states where prohibition are in place. But there exist flourishing black market for alcohol in those places, exclusively controlled by the underground extremist groups, their overground agents and by criminals in alleged:-) connivance with the elements in the state administration. As a result, a huge revenue, which could have been generated for the state from sale of alcohol, thanks to the prohibition, is actually fattening the pockets and bellies of the anti-national elements, criminals and corrupt govt. officials.

    Apart from an impact of the above mentioned nature on the meat market, a huge impact of the ban is expected on the leather market too which will surely put the workers of the industry, most of whom belong to minority and backward communities, in great economic peril. And we should also be merciful towards the cow for all modern lives revolve round economics and the cow will not be an exception.Its fate is bound to the fate of its owner. And, mind you, there is no ban on starving the cow to death. Have mercy.

  3. James Sunder Raj says

    “The history of Saffron mission in the last century-and-a-quarter is the story of an ideology built on a mythically created past, on a dogmatism that defies reason, logic, and history, and on a vision that foresees the creation of a unitive and homogeneous Hindu nation in India. In due course the envisaged nation, already civilized on the basis of Hindu (‘Aryan’) spirituality, will lead the rest of the world into an ‘Aryanized’ spirituality and culture…. By a well-executed nexus between religion and politics, the Saffron mission has produced an intolerant and communalistic cultural nationalism bent on establishing a Hindu theocracy in the subcontinent”. – C. V. Mathew

  4. db says

    Thats very good news.

    The cruelty done to cows is unimaginable.

    If the killing stopped then cruelty will.

    Be human for God shake…..yes if i like human flesh and think its my food habit will a democratic state allow this ?

  5. db says

    well i guess lots of criminals also live on crime… if any measure taken against crime they will face huge economical dis balance…..what a logic sir.

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