They will destroy Pyramid and Sphinx

A Kuwaiti Islamist preacher has called for the destruction of Egypt’s pyramids and Sphinx – one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world – claiming that just because early Muslims did not destroy the pharaohs’ legacy “does not mean that we shouldn’t”.



Ibrahim Al Kandari, the Islamist preacher, said, ”The ancient Egyptian monuments should be “destroyed”. The great buildings should be destroyed to put an end to the worship of images. The fact that early Muslims who were among prophet Mohammed’s followers did not destroy the pharaohs’ monuments upon entering the Egyptian soil, does not mean that we shouldn’t do it now.”

The Kuwaiti preacher Al Kandari’s call to erase the incredible legacy of ancient Egypt echoes ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who suggested the demolition of the historic monuments is a ‘religious duty’.

During the Iraq war, ancient libraries and museums were destroyed. Islamic State or ISIS now destroyed Hatra, the ancient Iraqi city, and Assyrian artefacts of Mosul museum. They are probably going to destroy Egypt’s pyramids and sphinx, one of the 7 wonders. It is actually the biggest wonder to me how the world is letting a group of insane people destroy human’s history and heritage, ancient arts and civilization, our culture and pride.


  1. dibakar chakraborty says

    Yes, given a chance they surely will. For they loathe all symbols of human refinement and dread the indomitable spirit of humankind. For mankind has offered their god its only dwelling place to save it from wandering on in the endless universe . For it is in the human mind where god finds its only abode. And it is only the human mind which can tell their god what it is. Yet, how ungracious these scars can be in the name of their god. Pity.

  2. Soumitra Guha says

    Is it the start of the end? I wonder where the human civilisation is going!!!!!!We have heard of the clash of civilisations but now it is the war to save our civilisation our shared heritage and culture…..

  3. Ted Powell says

    The great buildings should be destroyed to put an end to the worship of images.

    Is that the only method that this person can think of for putting an end to the worship of images? Could it be that for him and the people he speaks for “Just say no” simply doesn’t cut it? Is the impulse to worship any image they come across so strong that it cannot be resisted? Is there no punishment for worshipping images that is sufficiently fearsome to deter it? What a weak-minded bunch he must consider himself and his followers to be!

  4. Pierce R. Butler says

    Can Ibrahim Al Kandari find even one person who actually worships the Pyramids or the Sphinx?

    For that matter, can he find one who worships any of the Mohammed cartoons?

  5. birgerjohansson says

    Grab that kuwaiti cleric and bring him to Gizeh.
    Chain him to one of the pyramids and give him a small pickaxe, with the understanding that he will not get freedom until the whole work is finished.
    Projected time required ca. 10.000 years.
    “OK, you can talk the talk, now let’s see you walk the walk”

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