ISIS demolished ancient city










ISIS demolished Hatra, the two thousand years old city. Before demolishing Hatra, they destroyed the ruins at the Assyrian city of Nimrud which was founded in the 13th Century BCE. They also destroyed ancient arts in Mosul museum. ISIS said the statues in the museum are ‘false idols’ that have to be smashed. They smashed all false idols exactly like prophet Muhammad who smashed 360 ‘false idols’ inside Kaaba. Killing infidels and destroying false idols are not something that should make true Muslims unhappy.

I feel sad when I think we will never get our history and heritage back. Treasures are gone forever.


  1. dibakar chakraborty says

    Islam will survive in its violent form till the supply of oil lasts in the middle east. An all out retaliation by the world community against the barbaric followers of the faith is not taking place only because of the presence of oil in the region.The brutal regimes of the Saudis and the likes will somehow sustain till they manage the support of the western powers. This will only be possible till western interests remain secured there. And western interests are linked solely with the availability of oil, only oil and nothing else. All other symbols of interest for the world community there are being systematically decimated by the followers of this barbaric faith. People of that region can only be liberated from the clutches of this barbaric faith by wiping out the very symbol of the faith from the face of earth. Or shall we have to wait so long for others to do the job? Is it not absolutely possible that they will self-annihilate themselves in the illusion of perpetuating their draconian faith? Sooner than anyone can imagine?

  2. jayeshji says

    This is western history not of India or Bangladesh, yours and mine is a common ancient Hindu history of India or Aryans we have an unbroken history of 10000 years and more, far vaster. I am as as idol worshipper of today hurt more than you at the shear ignorance and more determined to fight the roots of this idea.

  3. iye frost says

    The islam ideology will annihilate itself just like the church… It carried out the crusade, against witch craft killing thousand women, scientist… this did only open the eyes of people to atrocities commited by church and this is just what’s honna happen. ” jab jab pap dhara pe aaye katha purn dohraya”

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