1. bad man says

    not evry1 is thinking lik you.most jus want to hide behind d laptop,pc and say fight.while dey fight nd die.wen dey die.hmmm
    dey again say bla bla bla. . . .nd shit like dat.
    but i salute ur offer. . . .

  2. Jeanette says

    “The evil that men do lives on and on.” You just don’t see women going around blowing up buildings, murdering and raping people, starting wars, beheading innocent people, etc. We have much more humanity than that…

  3. desraj says

    be human, see human evolution,man is made to protect not only human but lifeof other species too and should plan to protect ecology and should think like sun how it casts sun power to all irrespective of behaviour or body power . so GOD IS DIFFERENTly worshipable.

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