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    Dear Ms. Taslima Nasrinji,

    Greetings from Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad Foundation & MAEER’s MIT School of Government, Pune!

    With a deep sense of purpose and humility, we request you to address and interact with the ‘Student Leaders’ on a very important and relevant academic session, ‘Temples of Democracy Under Siege: A Global Perspective’ of 5th three day’s annual national conclave of Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad (Indian Student Parliament) scheduled at 14:00 hrs (IST) on Sunday, 11 January, 2015 at MAEER’s MIT Campus, Pune, India.

    It may be appropriate to brief you about the far-reaching impact that massive youth movement of Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad has made on the vibrancy of democracy, despite the vastness of India. We have been able to capture the imagination and conscience of thousands of spirited youth and have joined them together for a singular purpose to strengthen the foundations of democracy.

    Naturally if every year, 10,000 politically and socially active students from 450 universities, 25,000 colleges and 28 states of India, come to an agreement for a common purpose, the possibilities are endless. We envision that 20 years down the line, the platform will create a healthy democratic system in India, which can produce a pool of competent public leaders and policy makers for the country and thousands of ‘ambassadors of democracy’ for the rest of the world.

    Several political leaders, thinkers, business leaders and youth icons of national and international eminence from all spectrums of ideologies, engage them in three days of absorbing academic sessions. They provide them the context, analysis, courage, insight and perspective so that the youth have an opinion, a point of view and most importantly, a sobering thought about – how they can contribute to building a secure egalitarian and a just democratic global society.

    While the 5th annual conclave is set to be another thought provoking and impact making event, we humbly desire that you kindly address the participating ’student leaders’ on a befitting topic that can get justice from a thought leader of your standing, intellect and views. Your communicative and coherent views through your writings have always generated enormous interest and debate in people across borders more so, because they have been largely aligned with public sentiment and perspectives. It is our wish that your views be more accessible to the wider population of youth in India, so that they are not just enriched by your thoughts but are also encouraged to inculcate indomitable spirit in their endeavors for strengthening the temples of democracy across the globe.

    We count on your understanding of the earnestness and spirit with which this invitation is being thoughtfully extended to you for a cause and purpose, which are so nobly intended, exceptionally intense and extraordinarily vast.

    We very much hope for an affirmative response from you.

    With sincere regards,

    Sachin Jain.
    On Behalf of Committee of Indian Student Parliament
    Head Office –
    124, Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune – 411038
    Web: /

    Note: We also request you if you could send us your Postal Address so that the Hard copies of the invitation could be sent to you.

  2. copyleft says

    UNRWA has expended billions over the years to maintain the Palestinians in poverty.They play a leading role in ensuring that the Palestinians remain a permanent dependent of international largesse while providing them with just enough essential services to survive.The “commitment'” of such worthies like Guiness and Ginq can be gauged from the fact that they spend most of their times flying around the world,attending international conferences and organizing symposia in the name of Palestinian welfare while the UNRWA keeps of tottering from crisis to crisis.Perhaps the biggest factor which caused Guiness’ to tear up would have been the realization that a prolonged conflict would only invite more scrutiny iinto UNRWA’s finances.

  3. AVIJIT DAS says

    One can tamper one’s smile easily but it’s way too difficult to tamper a cry. When we eat our most favorite food, when we are in front of our mother, when we cry, These are such moments which take us to our childhood, makes us feel that baby which is hidden deep within every one of us. The reason why we feel the pain when we see a death, is that little baby is still alive within us, but the warlords can’t realise this feelings.

  4. Gwen Stacy says

    A few question from the UNRWA guy in the video who is shedding tear. Copied from Washington post

    33) Have you asked Hamas spokespersons why they are setting out to murder children by firing rockets towards civilian populations?

    34. Have you interviewed any UNRWA officials about why Hamas are storing weapons in their schools, and how the weapons got there?

    35. Are you currently investigating how Hamas rockets ended up in UNRWA schools

    Clearly UNRWA is in gloves with the Hamas terrorist so their testimonial and crocodile tears are moot .

    • says

      And again I say that when a person responds to one group who is doing wrong by pointing at others wrong doing, I refuse to accept it. No one has to respond to your shitty points because you literally have to change the subject. The only way I would even consider would be if you actually functionally discussed the damage being done to the Palestinian people.

      Nothing in what you provide in any way excuses the damage being done so I refuse to listen to you.

    • StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

      @ ^ Yes.

      Terrorists are illegal non-government groups seeking to impose their ideology upon others through the the use of terror against innocent people

      By definitions terrorists work outside the law and are NOT properly authorised whereas governments are restricted by law and are properly authorised to use military force.

      I understand that you may not like this definition but you did ask and I have provided it.

      Israel isn’t perfect and has done some nasty things in response to the terrorism they have endured and responded to. Intent and law aren’t magic – but do matter & make for a significiant difference.

      • StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

        Governments have checks and balances and restraints. Israel has a supreme court among other things and is a parliamentary (Knesset-ary?) democracy that its leaders have to answer to its people. Hamas, not-so-much.

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