The baby’s religion.

The baby did not know what religion meant.
The ISIS Sunni gunmen knew about the baby, they knew he was a Shia or an Armenian Christian.
The baby did not know what he was.
He could not answer to their questions.
The gunmen was almost sure the baby’s parents were not Sunnis.
What should be done?
Kill the baby.
The baby did not know why he should be killed.

I do not know what happened there. I am only guessing.



  1. Irshad Mohiuddin says

    @Tasleema .. I know you have grudge of Islam.You are an opportunist, using anything that comes your way and declare it as product of Islam.. Mankind has two eyes,,One is Physical that sees the world around, and another is the Spiritual one that sees the truth.I’m sorry But You are blind in one eye. Buy some spirit of truth. Firstly, This image was posted around 3rd week of April 2104. Second, It has nothing to do with ISIS. It was from Syria. And authors with both eyes working declared it unverifiable and most probably a hoax. And most evidently fingers are pointed towards authorities of Syrian government.
    So madam, you better not spread lies using another lie.

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